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The Top 5 Industries Creating Jobs in Florida

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Which industries are adding the most jobs? Georgetown University researchers think they know the answer.

Marketing and sales and hospitality and tourism industries will create the most jobs in Florida between 2008 and 2018, according to a new Georgetown University report.

Overall, researchers expect the state will create 1.04 million jobs over the ten-year period.

The report projects information technology and health science will have the fastest percentage growth over that time period. At the bottom of the list is science, technology, engineering and math with just 3 percent growth and 21,100 new jobs expected.

According to the report, these five industries will create the most jobs in Florida:

1) Marketing, sales and service — 212,100 jobs, or 16 percent growth.

2) Hospitality and tourism — 175,300 jobs, or 15 percent growth.

3) Health science — 152,000 jobs, or 23 percent growth.

4) Business, management and administration — 118,800 jobs, or 9 percent growth.

5) Law, public safety, corrections and security — 62,600, or 21 percent growth.

The data is important as Florida considers reshaping its higher education system to produce more graduates in fields needing workers. Gov. Rick Scott has argued Florida schools should put more emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math — or STEM — fields.

But the Georgetown report says Florida’s strength lies in marketing, sales and service. The state is expected to lead the nation in job growth within the sector between 2008 and 2018.

Florida job growth is also expected to best the national average in: Architecture and construction; business, management and administration; hospitality and tourism; and law, public safety and corrections.

The Sunshine State should trail the national average in STEM job growth, according to the report.


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