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Energy in 2017: Regulatory rollback and environmentalist angst

The priorities set by a new presidential administration dominated energy news in 2017. President Donald Trump and his cabinet set an agenda to “unleash” America’s energy potential, removing the barriers they perceive to be holding back domestic energy production — often to the dismay of the environmental community. Here’s a compilation of the year’s biggest [...]

National Journal Contrasts Perry And Obama’s Energy Plans

One final post on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Pittsburgh energy speech, from the National Journal. The NJ focuses on Perry’s promise to create more than a million new jobs, by boosting energy production. The article compares that approach to President Obama’s energy policies, which seek to gain the same job growth through the alternative energy [...]

Analyzing Perry’s Energy Plan

Texas Governor Rick Perry rolled out an energy policy he claims will create more than 1 million new jobs, during an appearance in Pittsburgh today. The Republican presidential candidate’s plan boils down to this: ramp up domestic production by expanding off-shore drilling, opening up protected land like Alaska’s Artic National Wildlife Refuge, and scaling back [...]

Perry Calls For Increased Marcellus Shale Production

Texas Governor Rick Perry is wrapping up his energy policy rollout in Pittsburgh right now. We’ve pasted the Republican presidential hopeful’s speech below. Perry paid specific attention to Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale formation: And right here in Pennsylvania, and across the state line in West Virginia and Ohio, we will tap the full potential of the [...]

A Failed Perry Energy Initiative

Trying to read up on Texas Governor Rick Perry, before tomorrow’s big Pittsburgh energy speech? Bloomberg Businessweek is a good place to start. The magazine has published a lengthy profile on the Republican’s record in Austin, including this bit about a failed energy initiative. Perry’s electricity initiative met the same fate for similar reasons. In [...]

Perry Wants To Beef Up Domestic Energy Extraction; Roll Back EPA Regs

Texas Governor Rick Perry heads to Pittsburgh Friday, where he’ll deliver what’s being touted as a major energy speech. The Republican presidential candidate leaped to the front of the GOP field when he entered the race this summer, but a string of middling debate performances have slowed his momentum. What will Perry talk about? An [...]

NYT: A Perry Presidency Would Scale Back EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency plays a major role in shaping Pennsylvania’s energy landscape. Earlier this week, the agency held a hearing on hydraulic fracturing’s environmental impact in Pittsburgh. A similar session is underway today in Texas. Today’s New York Times takes a look at what would happen to the agency, if Texas Governor Rick Perry [...]

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