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Environmental group asks court to order lawmakers pay back money meant for conservation

The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation said lawmakers have taken $1.3 billion dollars from a conservation fund to pay for other things since 2009.

By Rachel McDevitt

In boost for environmental rights, Supreme Court rules drilling revenue from state forests must be used for conservation

The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation has been fighting for years to keep hundreds of millions of dollars generated by oil and gas leases in state forests from going into the state’s general fund.

By Rachel McDevitt

Group says tighter radiation controls of drilling waste needed

The patchwork of radiation protection laws for oil and gas waste in the U.S. is “inconsistent,” said an official with the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, which provides expertise on radiation protection for a number of different industries.

By Reid Frazier

DEP report: Pennsylvania extracted more natural gas than ever during pandemic

The DEP says production topped 7 trillion cubic feet in 2020.

By Madison Goldberg

Updated: July 23, 2021 | 3:30 pm

Natural gas impact fees hit lowest level on record in 2020

Last year’s impact fee collections dropped $54 million compared to 2019, mainly because of low gas prices amid the coronavirus pandemic.

By Rachel McDevitt

Report shows rebound for natural gas as production, prices rise

The Independent Fiscal Office reports the state’s average natural gas price from January to March was 64 percent higher than the same time last year.

By Rachel McDevitt

To cut methane leaks — and maybe work on their image — 2 Pa. gas drillers eye ‘responsibly sourced’ label

The companies are launching pilot programs to produce gas without harmful methane leaks. There are business reasons to do that, experts say.

By Rachel McDevitt

Law meant to push drilling further from houses had little impact, study finds

The proportion of wells built within the 500-foot distance of a building fell from 8.6 percent of wells prior to the law to 5.7 percent after. But the study’s authors said that trend was already occurring before the law was passed.

By Reid Frazier

Note to nesting songbirds: Study indicates the quiet spot — away from a natural gas compressor — might be better

Penn State researchers found songbirds that nested near the noise had fewer eggs that hatched.

By Anne Danahy

Greene County went from bust to boom times with natural gas. Now, it’s nearly broke.

Nearly 10 years and more than 1,000 natural gas wells later, the county appears to be no better off financially than where it started,

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA