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You Want Oil With That?

Correction: A previous version of this story stated the well produces 3/4 gallons of oil a day. The correct total is 3/4 barrels. Bradford, McKean County is littered with abandoned oil and gas wells. More than a third of the 8,200 known abandoned wells in Pennsylvania’s statewide database are located in McKean County. But drilling [...]

Perilous Pathways: Hunting For Hidden Wells

Laurie Barr points to an abandoned well located in the middle of a McKean County stream

If you want to find evidence of Pennsylvania’s long history of oil and gas drilling, a good place to start is in Laurie Barr’s back yard. Behind Barr’s house, a few rusty pipes stick out of the ground, abandoned entry points to wells drilled long ago. Until recently, Barr had no inkling that abandoned wells [...]

DEP Fines Driller for Contaminating Drinking Water in Forest County

The Department of Environmental Protection says Catalyst Energy will have to pay a fine and conduct remediation for its oil and gas production in Forest, McKean and Warren counties. The DEP fined the Pittsburgh-based oil and gas company $185,000 for violations at non-Marcellus wells. The DEP says Catalyst operations polluted 14 residential drinking water supplies [...]

Projects in the Pipeline for Lycoming, McKean and Elk Counties

Each week the state publishes the Pennsylvania Bulletin, which contains, among other things, public notice of applications to the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Warning — this can be a tedious read. But it gives a glimpse into what may be coming to a neighborhood near you. This [...]

More Details On New York Regulators’ Attempt To Fine A PA Drilling Site

As we noted earlier this week, New York environmental regulators are levying a $187,500 fine against Buffalo-based U.S. Energy, for allegedly polluting a major trout stream. The twist:  the natural gas wells in question are located in Pennsylvania, not New York. The Albany Times-Union takes a look at the issue: Investigations by DEC and the [...]

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