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Mapping Sunoco’s drilling mud spills

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This map was created by FracTracker Alliance with data provided by the Clean Air Council.

Sunoco’s pipeline construction has resulted in 90 spills at 42 distinct locations across the state, according to new information provided as part of ongoing litigation. The amount of drilling mud spilled into aquifers, streams and wetlands across the state is estimated at about 220,000 gallons.

The Clean Air Council, which has challenged the DEP’s permits to Sunoco to build the pipeline, acquired the information as part of discovery. Responding to a petition by the Council last week, a judge with the Environmental Hearing Board halted drilling in 55 locations. On Friday, the order was lifted in three locations for safety reasons. They include one in Cumberland County, and two in Lebanon County.

Fractracker created the map above, which shows the locations of the spills. For more on our investigation of the spills, click here.

Correction: An earlier version of this story put the number of drilling mud spill locations at 61, reassessment of the data puts it at 42.

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