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Sen. Scott Wagner officially kicks off his campaign for governor

State Senator Scott Wagner (R- York) officially launched his campaign for governor Wednesday.

Katie Meyer / WITF

State Senator Scott Wagner (R- York) officially launched his campaign for governor Wednesday.

Republican State Senator Scott Wagner is the first person to throw his hat into the 2018 race for governor. He made the official announcement Wednesday at the York County headquarters of his trash hauling company.

A conservative first-term senator and businessman, Wagner’s making it clear that he is running on a similar outsider platform as president-elect Donald Trump.

“I started my first business when I was 20 years old,” he said at one point. “When you start out with two trucks and two employees and you build that company to 350 employees—you know, I’ve learned you can, surround yourself with the best people.”

Wagner took a largely anti-Harrisburg tack, promising to cut down on red tape.

But the policy proposals he threw out were largely in line with current GOP priorities: getting rid of school property taxes, avoiding other broad-based tax hikes, and privatizing liquor.

“I sincerely believe that we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem,” he said.

The state’s projected to come up at least $600 million short in revenue this fiscal year, on top of a nearly $2 billion structural deficit.

Asked how he’d contend with these growing debts, Wagner suggested selective natural gas drilling, with royalties going to the overburdened pension fund.

As Wagner spoke, a handful of protestors stood in the street outside the trash facility.

Most were former workers from the state’s unemployment compensation program, who were laid off after a political dispute over funding.

They believe Wagner—who took credit for blocking the UC funding—is at fault.

Wagner maintains the funding was irresponsible, and says Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is to blame.

Wagner’s continuing his announcement tour around the state; he made additional stops in Pipersville and Frackville Wednesday, and on Thursday he’ll be in Altoona, Murrysville, and Lake City.


  • Wayne

    Isn’t the general election in November of 2018? This is January 2017. That’s WAY too long of a campaign for Governor of PA. Let’s see how much this “fiscal conservative” spends on his 22 month long campaign. Frackville, PA? I couldn’t make that up.

    What’s with this Republican push to privatize liquor/wine stores in PA? I’m perfectly happy with the Commonwealth stores. A fifth of good bourbon costs $10 less in the PA stores, than across the Delaware River in NYS “private” stores. The Commonwealth stores must be able to buy in great bulk, and they pass it on to the consumer. Why do these Republicans want us to pay more for whiskey?

    • Mack

      As for paying more for whiskey…… Who do you think is going to own these private liquor stores?

      • Wayne

        AARP? AA?

        • Mack

          Mackr I doubt that

  • Mack

    Senator Wagner wants to get in on the ground floor with his trash business after the republicans destroy the EPA he can make a fortune hauling both hazards non hazards waste to the rivers like the good old days. I remember Pittsburgh in the good old days. I’m 72 years old.

  • c_chandler

    harrisburg’s trash incerator fraud is horrible. get the ignorant pigs out of govt.

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