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Senate OKs bill allowing legislators to weigh in on carbon plan

The state Senate has passed a measure that will require legislative approval of a state plan to cut carbon emissions.
Under proposed rules recently put forth by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Pennsylvania will have to cut its carbon emissions by 32 percent over the next 15 years. The federal climate policy will mean major changes for the state’s energy industries. Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the nation for coal production and third for carbon dioxide emissions.
The federal government is allowing each state to craft its own plan for meeting the emissions targets– through energy efficiency or promoting cleaner sources of power.
HB 2354 was approved by the House in July. It now goes to Governor Corbett’s desk where he is expected to sign it. The measure requires legislative approval of the carbon plan crafted by the state Department of Environmental Protection.
A coalition of environmental groups opposes the bill, arguing it will create an extra bureaucratic hurdle for cutting carbon pollution.

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