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New Marcellus Shale gas pipeline proposed for Pa., NJ

Workers construct a gas pipeline in Harmony, Pa.

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Workers construct a gas pipeline in Harmony, Pa.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has the details on a proposed $1 billion pipeline project to bring natural gas from the Marcellus Shale to customers on the east coast.

Wyomissing-based PennEast Pipeline Company said the pipeline would start in Luzerne County and travel about 105 miles to hook up with Transco’s Trenton-Woodbury interconnection in New Jersey. The company estimates the 30-inch diameter line would provide natural gas for about 4.7 million homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

More from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

UGI Energy Services, a subsidiary of UGI Corp., of Valley Forge, would build and operate the interstate pipeline. UGI’s gas utilities serve 45 Pennsylvania counties, including outlying portions of Bucks, Montgomery and Chester Counties.

Affiliates of South Jersey Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas, and Elizabethtown Gas in New Jersey are also investors in the project.

“This project serves to meet that growing demand in the mid-Atlantic marketplace, while providing greater system resiliency and reliability for local utilities,” John Walsh, UGI’s chief executive, said in a statement.

Planning and regulatory approvals are expected to take more than two years. Construction would begin in 2017.

Business leaders hailed the plan as a boost to Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry. PennEast said the project would employ 2,000 people during construction.

The pipeline is expected to face opposition from environmental groups and landowners as similar projects in the region have.

“The latest pipeline pronouncement will, as with all pipelines, cut a damaging path through public and private lands for the private profits of industry,” Delaware Riverkeeper Maya van Rossum told the Inquirer.


  • Malinda Clatterbuck

    Has anyone done a study on what the need is along the east coast for all of this natural gas? The language used is that this gas is going to east coast for americans who use it. I think it is going to east coast to be exported. Where is the need? i read that this past winter, there was a shortage in the New England states. If that is the case, why is Williams moving gas from PA south east rather than north? The gas companies are very careful to say things like this gas “would provide gas for 4.7 million homes in PA and NJ” (above)– I think the rest of that sentence is… “if it were going to American homes.”

    • FrackDaddy

      What you read was a propane shortage, And it was because the pipelines are flowing the other way now! Thank your friends in the finger lakes for even higher prices on propane this year. Every time you try and block a pipeline, or storage. You are raising the price on folks who can’t afford it!

      And where in the need? The Northeast of the US is probably the most densely populated, and also gets the coldest! Lots of people, Cold weather (i can’t believe i am holding your hand on this) you do the math!

      • tke265

        less then 3 percent of our natural gas and Lng is sent overseas and economist say in 2040 it will still be less then 20 percent exported

        • 1jane1

          That may be true at this moment… we speak…there are LNG stations are in the process of applying for applications the answer to your question is YES…IT WILL MOST ALL BE SENT OVERSEAS!!!!! OUR LIVES..FOR THEIR PROFIT!

          • Taylor Barry

            most all will be sent overseas is a gross statement and a poor argument

          • 1jane1

            Actually…that was a typo. . It was to say..”mostly all” and i stand by my comment … Gross statement. .and poor argument. .. but I’d expect a troll to say nothing else. ..and truly…tonight I am too tired “to play with trolls… so…night!

      • Malinda Clatterbuck

        I also heard it from the mouth of Cindy Ivey, the representative of Williams Partners, who used explained it as a need for natural gas, not propane. Perhaps there was a propane shortage as well, I didn’t know that.
        On the issue of the the need-just because there is high density doesn’t mean everyone used natural gas. I am looking for more specific details that speculation, assumption and hearsay. I really do care what the need is… I’ll have to do some research on this..

        • FrackDaddy

          Malinda, you are correct. The pipe line that took Propane to the north, was reversed to take NG south. If you used propane in the finger lakes last year you are aware of the shortage and price hike.

      • 1jane1

        This should answer your question…as to what they plan to do with the gas… Greed over our lives!!!!

        • FrackDaddy

          Jane, Nice try but that is just a fraction of what is produced everyday, and more on the way. Yes, Some will get exported. Which is a good thing! Ever here of a trade deficit? You wont in ten years with LNG exports. Do you support Russia and Vladimir Putin? They use NG to control eastern Europe, and not for the best.
          Do you see every month, they approving and building Ng Cracker plants, so we can send coal fired plants into the sunset. Do you think we are going to import that gas? Why are they trying to build storage facility’s if they are sending it over seas?
          Right now we are producing over 87 bcfd, far more than is being planned to be exported. See link!

          Also the more folks like you fight pipelines and storage facility, the more HAS to be exported. So if you don’t want the gas exported, stop trying to prevent it from being used domestically.

          “OUR LIVES..FOR THEIR PROFIT!” How much does Nyprig pay to say that? It has been proven that FF stays 5000 ft below the water table.

    • Sherri

      There is a group that is very active and is studying this. Nofrackedgasinmass has organized opposition to a proposed TGP pipeline in MA.

      • Malinda Clatterbuck

        I am looking forward to seeing the results of that study, sherri. Thanks for the tip.

      • FrackDaddy

        I am sure we will get a very unbias study from Nofrackedgasinmass. What a joke!

        • Malinda Clatterbuck

          any more biased than the studies put out by and/or funded by gas companies?

          • FrackDaddy

            Won’t argue that! I would not take either one for the paper its printed on!

  • George Wythe

    Delaware Riverkeeper Maya van Rossum is unquestionably a complete imbecile.
    “cut a damaging path through public and private lands for the private profits of industry,” Damaging? How is that? The trees have been chopped down and when finished it is planted with grasses and low ground cover? Occasionally there will be a marker labeling a gas line, and RARELY a small valve or in distances over dozens of MILES an extremely quiet compressor station. Also, who OWNS gas companies? Any private citizens who purchased stock maybe? Or ones who rent out one of PA’s gas wells to the companies selling their gas? Or citizens who lease to the gas companies the land for this pipeline? No profits for any US citizens?

    Have any of you geniuses ever heard that NY CITY is eliminating the use of #6 oil? (because it is extremely polluting) Now natural gas is one of the fewest choices. Has anyone noticed the cost of natural gas in NJ has gone DOWN? Has anyone ever guessed the vehicles, like the demo trucks in NJ, and the group now providing natural gas powered trucks like UPS? Or new cars and pickups coming to the market? You have to be a ‘clatterbrain’ to believe all this country’s gas is going to be all shipped overseas to stop supplying ALL the US needs!

    The Delaware Riverkeepers are the most foolish group of imbeciles I have ever heard rambling on with their anti-industry hate mongering, almost identical to the Sierra Club!

    • FrackDaddy

      I would like to follow that with an “AMEN”

    • Malinda Clatterbuck

      George, I am sorry you feel the need to resort to name calling here. Cutting a swath of trees through a forest- and trees that can’t be replanted certainly disturbs the environment and the land. You can argue that it is a disruption and destruction of life that you think is worth it. I don’t agree with you, but I more willing to hear a rational argument like that. You may not value the earth in the same way others do. Okay.
      But, I need to clarify some other claims. Not all of the gas will be shipped overseas that is harvested in the US. However, gas companies can get 4, 5 and 6 times the price for their Natural gas overseas, and that is where there is a huge push to have facilities like Cove Point in MD be transformed into export facilities. Numerous gas companies have already begun to sell their gas abroad (Cabot and Gail have bought up to 40% of the gas to be carried through the proposed Atlantic Sunrise Project for Transco, Williams Partners). I think it is more than a stretch of the terms that qualify for eminent domain to ask american citizens to carry all of the risk and monetary loss of having a pipeline through their properties, against their will, for the profit of large companies who want to sell their gas abroad. I don’t deny them the right to sell their gas, but I do think it is unjust, unethical and unamerican for them to have the right to use property of citizens against their will.
      Besides that, when a gas company “leases” land from a land owner for a pipeline, it s a once and done payment, not continual– any further issues of the line and the damage done to the property will be with the landowner forever, with no other compensation from the company, unless the landowner is able to find the money in order to sue for damages. I am sorry your view is so angry and one sided. The biggest way this expansion of pipelines and accelerated extraction of natural gas benefits the American economy is by putting more money in the pockets of large american gas companies. But there is little benefit to the general public.

      • George Wythe

        Farmers clear many trees, way more than a pipeline.
        As I posted earlier, Project WINGS (Wildlife Incentives for Non-Game and Game Species), looks to use natural gas pipeline rights-of-way as an environmental opportunity.

        As for Eminent Domain, if you figure on leasing your land you will be able to do quite well dealing with the gas company. True, you will not be able to build on this land, but you can plant on it, ride on it, treat it as leased land which is only good for what you agreed to allow them to put on, nothing new, that would require extra leases.
        Having your lawyer, one who knows how to enter such a lease, can be very profitable.

        Gas that is shipped overseas has to be liquidized and transported by ships, that should add quite a bit to the prices right there, besides there are over 100 countries which have natural gas for sale, no competition? Enough to screw the US people from gas?
        I don’t think so.

        Our gas companies are all part of the stock markets, owned by many people who don’t have any clue how to run them, they just collect the profits.

        • Malinda Clatterbuck

          G- I guess I still have a problem with companies claiming eminent domain for something that will not benefit my community, nor the american community. If the only thing I need to do in order to use your property for my business, is to prove that someone in america will benefit from it, then I’ll be ready to come over and move in and set up shop. That is what this feels like to me. Feel free to disagree.. but it feels to me like the gas company wants to get the biggest buck- overseas-and wants to use my property to do it, and wants our government to give them permission to use my property against my will to do it…
          And that’s okay with everyone?
          Just because the gas companies are a part of stock markets doesn’t mean their increased value is a benefit to the community. Not enough to justify using people’s properties.. thousands of people’s properties against their will. I have walked the line through my township just today… where the proposed line would go- and I have had 2 people declare they are for the pipeline and want it to come in. Dozens of others are against it. Those who are for it think they are going to make tens of thousands of dollars (which they won’t)- They also tell me that the gas company reps have explained to them that if they resist, they won’t get any money for their property, but if they go into an agreement with the gas company, they will get more money.
          Another concern I have is — if gas companies are doing the right thing here, why are they giving landowners misleading information- intimidating and even giving false information in order to get landowners, who don’t have enough knowledge to know better, to sign into agreements that aren’t in their best interest? I spoke with a FERC representative last week who told me to NEVER believe what gas company representatives say. Even if they say FERC has decided something must happen, don’t believe it until I’ve called FERC to verify because they will lie to us in order to get what they want. I have trouble supporting and industry that works in this way…call me naive or idealistic… but this is how I feel.

          • George Wythe

            If the gas company wants your land to lease they will work quite a bit to get it. Trust them 100%? Not a chance for me!

            I would get a lawyer, one who knows how gas pipeline leasing works and who will negotiate the lease. Whatever the Co’s suggests or implies, make sure your lawyer agrees with it. You might be surprised at how much the gas co’s will agree on to lease your land. A 30″ pipeline should bring at least $20. per foot or more, and you should be able to choose the grasses you desire, have smaller trees placed on the sides of the right-of-way land they clear, different things that you would desire. After the R-O-W land is completed, the actual lease area is smaller, not much more than the width of the line itself.

            As to let this go to the courts to force them into eminent domain still will give you profits for this lease, but that would be decided by the court and certainly not what you could do with your lawyer.

            Also, I don’t know where you live, but those transporting the gas, Penn East or whoever would actually own this line, could sell this gas to any company who thinks they have the desire for selling natural gas to local consumers. If your in the Pocono’s where I suspect you are, the chances of getting a local gas supplier is dim, because many in that area are against gas, I have no idea why, but they are and no local distributor will invest in that area.

            Near me, a pipeline named The Constitution Pipeline is close to becoming the next one here. A supplier will connect 4 different towns to this line. Local towns are quite happy about that, but there still are a few fools who want to see everything cancelled. They will be in for the eminent domain and surely will end up with it.

            The one thing, which is certainly a benefit to any community they pass their line through, is annual taxes. Oh yes, they have to pay taxes on their lines, even though the land is leased. Also more work and purchases continue even after the lines are installed.

            Every industry works for a profit, that’s normal for every one here in the USA.

          • 1jane1

            Go back and do your homework Georgie… you cannot plant trees anywhere near the loose that property completely.
            However….at this time.. Eminent domain is n yet ‘a go’ just yet…and No one needs to allow anyone onto their property. .THAT is YOUR Right…the only thing I agree with Georgie on is… If eminent domain comes into play. ..I would definitely seek the advise of an attorney. .and…If you are so gullible as to believe this is good for us and our future (NOT!!) However. ..If the greed consumes u to lease..I would also advise the help of any attorney. These landmen are nothing but salesmen…trying to get your land for the cheapest amount possible.. they do NOT know the facts..they are ONLY trained to sell… not lay pipeline to have a clue of your safety..and if they know something bad…they are not going to tell you..they want to make the sell!
            Do your homework… find out your rights and the risks…READ THE FINE PRINT…BEFORE YOU SIGN ON ANY DOTTED LINES!

          • George Wythe

            I have already signed on property I own and am QUITE happy about it! I have cows who graze just fine on the pipeline which is installed, and even around the well that hasbeen drilled on it!
            Not only do the wells supply gas to my home there but it also pays my accounts quite dearly!
            You, and the other imbeciles who deny natural gas, are complete fools!

          • Kris

            Now that some time has passed, how do you feel about your decision? How do your cows feel? Are they keeling over yet? Has your line had a little leak yet? If it does leak, don’t worry, the company you defend will send you a ‘water buffalo’ and tell you to otherwise go kick rocks… glad you can pay your bills though. wow what a great reason to sign up. The future generations will be celebrating your conservation decisions I’m sure. Ah well – guess you can’t teach someone to love the land – they either do, or they don’t. Your loss… and unfortunately, our loss as well.

          • George Wythe

            Your statement is the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard!
            Of course the pipeline doesn’t ‘leak’, certainly should it ever, it would be instantly shut down & repaired, even though it was set in screened fill & coated with sealer and totally inspected with installation.
            You speak like a total fool, perhaps your just young & stupid.

    • Charlie

      Wow George. You really don’t get it. Fracking is a major environmental disaster on our horizon. You cannot encapsulate the toxic chemicals used. Sorry but plate tectonics will win in the end and concrete used will be broken down over time releasing those chemicals into underground water aquifers. Short sighted people like you don’t seem to understand that we can live without cheaper gas but none of us can live without clean drinking water.

      • George Wythe

        That’s about the stupidest crap I’ve heard in a long time.

        Do you understand that the natural ground FILTERS water which very SLOWLY passes through it?

        Do you have a well? How about a septic? Should you have both, which you sound more like you live in a city and are totally ignorant of how people live in this area, if you have a well & septic, how do you think the water avoids the stuff your dumping down your drain pipes? ON TOP of the water well? Not just flushing your toilet but how about your washing machine? Whatever ‘cleaners’ you might use, pills, etc., never a poison? Stop being such a fool.

        Here’s where all the chemicals which are used in hydraulic fracturing are listed. You won’t find much there which aren’t used by homeowners. Without a doubt the natural ground with completely clean groundwater.

        Plate tectonics? You are really a nut.

        • 1jane1

          Oh Georgie…you little industry troll you… the crap that you are throwing…. is just plain disgusting lies… how much do u get for sitting at your computer… lying to people… and fighting with the ones WHO KNOW ALL TO WELL. THE DANGERS. OF FRACKING BECAUSE WE LIVE IT EVERY DAY!!!! WE…THE NEIGHBORS TO THIS GOD AWFUL GREED LOVING INDUSTRY..KNOW ALL THE FACTS AND WE HAVE TRAINED OURSELVES TO SPOT A TROLL. FROM A MILLION MILES AWAY! Sooo….Go pick up your paycheck…and go crawl back into your hole!

        • Kris

          Do you understand that it is NOT natural to inject a chemical cocktail of 4000+ chemicals at high speed into the ground to literally fracture the rock to release the gas? This stuff is so dirty that the ‘wastewater’ needs to be stored (like nuke waste). The water the fracking industry uses in one day is disturbing – and the water is gone forever after they use it. The only reason we have a list of SOME of the chemicals used by the fracking industry is because we the people had to FIGHT big oil to get that list…. it took some time, and still is not 100% accurate… When kids start growing third arms and whole towns develop lung cancer, maybe then people like you will wake up…. By the way – most people with septic & well don’t dump toxic chemicals down their drains – maybe ignorant environmentally unconscious assholes do…. but not those that take responsibility for being stewards of our land. Stop trying to justify your greed George – no one here is buying.

          • George Wythe

            Do YOU understand that the amount of chemicals used in ‘fracking’ in any well are usually LESS than 10 chemicals? The total LIST might be several thousand, however they are NOT used in well fracking.

            Also, HVHF is sent THOUSANDS of feet BELOW ground water in very hard rock. It hopefully breaks enough rock to release the gas, but doesn’t break any more than it needs to.

            here, try they will tell you the facts about well drilling and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing, not like the foolish bunch of ‘environmental activists’ who have seriously mis-lead ignorant people like you.

  • George Wythe
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