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Tax it, ban it, or frack it? Where the candidates stand

Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race is bringing an old debate back to life about how the state should tax the natural gas industry. It’s also raising questions about how much of the state should be open for drilling.

As part of WHYY’s Election 2014 Primary Special, we explain where the candidates stand on these issues.

Watch our series of video interviews with each of the candidates to see where they stand on Marcellus Shale development.


  • Jack Wolf

    A tax won’t do anything about climate change impacts. Since greenhouse gas levels are so high, we need an outright ban on anything fossil fuel. Or we’re dead. Read the National Climate Assessment for an eye opening experience. Temperatures will go beyond cardinal temperature limits of many species we depend on. And, like Einstein said, when the bees go, man will follow within four years.

    • Jim Willis

      Really Jack? We’re “dead”? Utter nonsense. The Algore contingent has been saying the same thing–for 25 years. And yet, here we are. The air is getting cleaner–thanks for FRACKING.

      • Jack Wolf

        Perhaps you should disclose who you are, Jim. And, it looks like you haven’t read the National Climate Assessment. When you do, come back and we’ll talk. And, when you read it, keep in mind scientists have been under calling the timing and scale of the impacts for decades, and still continue to do so. Just look at the news this morning on the Greenland ice sheet which follows news of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet last week. And, what does Gore have to do with it? He’s not a scientist.

        • Reality Wins

          Hey Jack, have you banned fossil fuels from YOUR life? I’d love for just one Chicken Little “we must ban fossil fuels” advocate to lead by example. Lots of people willing to talk the talk, haven’t yet found one willing to walk the walk.

          Kind of silly to advocate your legislature to ban something from society you yourself aren’t even willing to ban from your own life! Can’t imagine why the movement isn’t getting more traction.

          • Jack Wolf

            Feeling defensive? Why the swipes? Like many others, I can’t limit it any more that what I’ve done and still remain a productive member of society. And we promote and use other forms of energy. In fact, more and more people are turning to green options for electricity along with minimizing gasoline use.
            So, I guess you haven’t read the National Climate Assessment either.

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