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New York ‘extremely unlikely’ to allow fracking before 2015

New York has had a moratorium on high volume hydraulic fracturing since 2008.

Lindsay Lazarski/WHYY

New York has had a moratorium on high volume hydraulic fracturing since 2008.

It appears the state of New York plans to continue its moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for at least another year. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal does not contain any new funds to regulate the gas industry.

From Capital New York:

Joe Martens, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, said the state does not expect to issue permits to allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing during the coming fiscal year, which extends to March 2015.

“We have absolutely no plans to do so,” he said at an Assembly hearing on Wednesday.

Martens also said the state would not complete a supplemental generic environmental impact statement, a key step in the permitting process, until it reviews a health analysis by Health Commissioner Nirav Shah. Shah has repeatedly said he does not have a timetable for finishing that report, and has offered little insight into his process.

Martens later told reporters he believes it’s “extremely unlikely” the state would issue permits before 2015. New York’s moratorium has been in place since 2008. Over the years, the state has missed a series of self-imposed deadlines to finalize its environmental review of fracking.

Last year, Cuomo said he would make a decision on it before the 2014 election.


  • Victoria Switzer

    NY is a very luck state. PA is the “getting” place and we will be got. It will make heads spin! We need an exorcism and then a moratorium!

  • Ladderback

    Not only is NY not allowing natural gas production of any kind, it is also blocking exploration in part of Pa by not allowing the Delaware River Basin Commission to issue rules or otherwise allow sections of Pa to issue permits. There is only part of one county in the entire state of Pa where DEP will not issue permits. Screwed again.

    • JimBarth

      New York is in no voting position to block any exploration in any part of PA, including the DRB. Whomever Ladderback is, he is talking through his annulus. NYS has one vote of five. What exactly does Ladderback not understand about that equation?

      • Ladderback

        NY is one of three opposed to drilling. If NY changed its collective mind and voted in favor of drilling, there would be drilling. A majority is three, what part of that calculus does Mr. Barth not understand?

  • Jane Davison

    What with our lakes and all the kinds of things that are fragile we cannot have hydro fracking in our state. There is no place for it. Radation and a host of other problems come with it and the tourist industry within New York State wold be destroyed. It is something that we don’t want a lot of we don’t want fracking anyway. It isn’t good for the environment or health and we need both of these. People have to realize it is more than just 10,000 feet to get the gas out of the rock. Chemicals are used and a host of other organic stuff which we don’t need thus Natural Gas. We need to explore renewable energy and figure out how to make the renewables sustainable.

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