Drilling company names fracking sites after superheros

Rice Energy's well names include: Batman, Robin, Hulk, X-man, Zorro and Captain Planet.

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Rice Energy's gas well names include: Batman, Robin, Hulk, X-man, Zorro and Captain Planet.

Western Pennsylvania-based Rice Energy has been truly unconventional when it comes to naming its natural gas wells.

The company has appropriated monikers of superheros, including Batman and Robin, the Hulk, X-man, Zorro– even Captain Planet, an early 90′s cartoon promoting environmentalism.

Gas wells are typically named after the landowners who lease their property to drillers. After a recent StateImpact Pennsylvania story on some of the odd addresses the state has given to gas drilling sites, we heard about Rice’s superheros.

The Canonsburg-based company has recently been in the news for other reasons. Last week, Rice went public on the New York Stock Exchange, and its new board chairman is former Heinz Endowments president, Robert Vagt.

The company declined to comment for this story.

See all the names below:

Show rows.
9/17/2009WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN 1
11/17/2009LycomingUpper Fairfield TwpULTIMATE WARRIOR 1
2/22/2010WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN 1H
8/13/2010WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 1H
8/13/2010WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 1V
8/13/2010WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 2H
12/27/2010WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO IV
2/3/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO 2H-A
4/2/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpCAPTAIN PLANET 1H
5/16/2011GreeneGray TwpWHIPKEY 1H
5/16/2011GreeneGray TwpWHIPKEY 2H
6/28/2011WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpMONO 4H
8/26/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpCAPTAIN PLANET 4H
9/1/2011WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 1H
11/29/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO 3H
11/29/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO 4H
12/31/2011WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO 1H
1/26/2012WashingtonAmwell TwpMOJO G4
3/12/2012WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN 3H
3/12/2012WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN 5H
3/12/2012WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN 7H
3/12/2012WashingtonAmwell TwpX-MAN G5
3/26/2012WashingtonWest Pike Run TwpLUSK 1H
3/26/2012WashingtonWest Pike Run TwpLUSK 3H
10/23/2012WashingtonSomerset TwpBIG DADDY SHAW 2H
3/21/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpBIG DADDY SHAW 4H
4/7/2013WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 4H
4/7/2013WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 6H
4/7/2013WashingtonAmwell TwpHULK 8H
4/22/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 7H
5/15/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpBATMAN 1H
5/15/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpBATMAN 3H
5/15/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpBATMAN 5H
5/15/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpROBIN 7H
5/21/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpMONO 1H
5/21/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpMONO 3H
5/21/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpMONO 5H
5/21/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpMONO 7H
6/21/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 3H
6/22/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 9H
6/28/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 5H
6/28/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 7H
8/3/2013WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpBROVA 11H
8/16/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpSWAGLER 10H
8/16/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpSWAGLER 6H
8/16/2013WashingtonSomerset TwpSWAGLER 8H
12/5/2013WashingtonWest Pike Run TwpLUSK 5H
12/5/2013WashingtonWest Pike Run TwpLUSK 7H
1/4/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 14H
1/4/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 2H
1/5/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 12H
1/5/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 4H
1/6/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 10H
1/6/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 6H
1/6/2014WashingtonNorth Bethlehem TwpZORRO 8H
1/13/2014WashingtonSomerset TwpBIG DADDY SHAW 7H

 Source: Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection


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