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Gas drilling health study continues collecting data in Pa.

The Associated Press has an update on Geisinger Health Systems’ ongoing public health study on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania:

Geisinger spokeswoman Patti Urosevich said in an email that the project has collected Pennsylvania data on traffic and accidents, air pollution emissions, and the locations of thousands of gas wells and more than 600 compressor stations, which feed the gas through pipelines.

Urosevich wrote that once the data warehouse is complete, researchers will be able to identify and investigate trends by merging health information with data such as geography, traffic, or the environment.

Guthrie Health, of Sayre, and Susquehanna Health are other major partners in the study, and as a group they have access to detailed health histories of hundreds of thousands of patients who live near wells and other facilities that are producing natural gas from the underground Marcellus Shale formation.

The Geisinger study includes more than 40 researchers from 16 different organizations. Earlier this year, the Sunbury-based Degenstein Foundation gave a $1 million grant to fund the research.

The first phase of the study is expected to be completed over the next three to five years. Last March, the Associated Press reported New York’s decision on whether to allow natural gas drilling may hinge on Geisinger’s results.

It is one of a few privately-funded research projects focused on whether natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania is having an impact on public health, including the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project and a study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology. Funding for state-led public health research was cut from Act 13, the 2012 overhaul of the Pennsylvania’s drilling laws.


  • Brian Oram


  • marinemec

    This is America and it’s a great thing to exercise freedom of speech and protest but check the validity of your cause first. Bloggers say there is polluted water and total land devastation, but where??? Ask these activists for a documents relating to their cause and most likely you will be personally attacked and shamed to divert your question. Truth is, out of one point three million wells drilled across the US only one quarter of one percent at the beginning had any issues which have been addressed. NY has thousands of wells drilled already in the western part of the state, check out the maps dating back to the 1800′s. This is not a new process with the exception of these activists who do not want people to know this has been around for a long time. Again’ ask these loud bloggers where they get their information. Documented science is key, not blogs and opinion websites!

    • ConCave

      Well said MM
      As you correctly stated – Fracking is not new. Just new to
      “Big (Crony) Environment” and the likes of NPR – National Propaganda Radio frantically clinging to relevance.

      And with all of the wells drilled, and technology improving constantly,
      the US has some of the cleanest air and water on record-
      but then it’s not about that… It’s about control.

      The Toffee Nosed NIMBY elite want to dictate what is best for the rest of us.
      Socialism is for the people, not the socialist
      If it WERE about air and water, they would be over in Bejing where you really CANT breathe!

      Climate change is a dead issue with record ice at the poles and global cooling over the past 17 years yet hypocritical quixotic zealots will continue to carry that tattered flag into the future.

      Read Current events – Climate Change Professor stuck in the ice at the South Pole……. You have to dig for it, as much of the media (liberal rags) have bent over backward to avoid linking the ship’s current fate with its mission.

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