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Corbett, Krancer Fail To Disclose Vacation Homes

Governor Corbett bought a $265,000 vacation home in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina last year.

Christopher Weddle/Centre Daily Times/MCT

Governor Corbett bought a $265,000 vacation home in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina last year.

Governor Corbett has failed to list an out-of-state vacation home he bought last year on his annual financial disclosure form.

The governor and his wife, First Lady Susan Corbett spent $265,000 last year on a condo at a beachfront resort community in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Public records show the deed and mortgage documents were filed December 5, 2012, but the governor did not list it in his annual Code of Conduct statement of financial interest.

Code of Conduct “Is Not Law”

Under a 1984 executive order known as the Governor’s Code of Conduct, Corbett and his staff are required to disclose all in-state and out-of-state real estate interests, excluding their home or principal residence.

StateImpact Pennsylvania obtained the forms through the state’s Right To Know Law. The documents were filed with the Office of Administration in May and cover the preceding calendar year (2012).

When questioned about the omission, the governor’s office initially told StateImpact Pennsylvania the Corbetts were still closing on the house through the end of the calendar year and thus didn’t need to report it.

However, Corbett spokeswoman Kelli Roberts later said it was a misunderstanding about the language on the form, which allows someone to exclude his or her “home or principal residence.”

She says the governor thought that since this is a vacation “home”, it did not fall under the reporting requirements.

“It’s not something anyone is trying to hide,” Roberts says.

The governor’s office now plans to amend the filing.

Former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer also failed to list a $1 million home he bought last year in the ski resort town of Stowe, Vermont.

On Krancer’s financial disclosure form, he doesn’t list any real estate interests, but public deed records filed with the town of Stowe show he and his wife bought the home in December 2012.

Former DEP Secretary Michael Krancer did not disclose a $1 million home he bought last year in Vermont.

Scott Detrow/ StateImpact Pennsylvania

Former DEP Secretary Michael Krancer did not disclose a $1 million home he bought last year in Vermont.

Krancer was the state’s top environmental regulator, charged with overseeing the development of the natural gas industry. He resigned last spring to work as an attorney representing energy companies and did not respond to requests for comment.

Corbett has said his administration follows the state ethics laws, but the “Code of Conduct is not law.”

However, he and his staff continue to file the disclosure forms each year and many members of his cabinet do list their second homes and investment properties. The forms are not audited.

“It’s a policy directive that we comply with as a condition of our employment,” says Roberts.

Promoting PA Tourism

Despite the out-of-state vacation property, the Corbetts continue to promote tourism in Pennsylvania.

As First Lady, Susan Corbett has partnered with the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development. She serves as Pennsylvania’s honorary First Tourist working to attract visitors to the state.

“Tourism is actually the number one reason people visit Pennsylvania,” she told witf’s Radio Smart Talk in a recent interview. “I do a lot of things to bring visibility to all of the amazing cultural assets that Pennsylvania has.”

Susan Corbett has also traveled overseas on the governor’s trade missions — specifically to promote the state’s tourism industry.

In 2012, she received a trip to France and Germany valued at $10,856 from the Team Pennsylvania Foundation — a public-private economic development organization. This spring, she joined her husband on another Team PA-funded trade mission to Brazil and Chile.

Last week the governor took his third-annual kayaking trip to promote the state’s natural resources. In a press release his office noted that tourism is the state’s second largest industry, providing nearly 300,000 jobs.

“Our state is a place everyone should tour with their families and friends,” Corbett said in a statement, “Working together, we can continue to grow this industry for Pennsylvania and all those it employs.”

Last year Corbett was six months late in disclosing a yacht vacation he received from a friend and campaign donor. A spokesman blamed the omission on a clerical error.


  • CK5

    Corbett must go! Always working for himself and his cronies instead of the taxpayers. Worst governor ever. Pennsylvanians have less than 15 months to vote this pig out of office.

  • Vickie Fleisher-Gann

    why dont you do yourself a favor Corbett and just resign…Gonna be worse for you if you dont…Course, you’re dumb enough to continue with this charade so you’ll get what’s coming to ya…

  • Dean

    Keep it up Tommy-Boy…Keep showing us why you should be “One-Term Tom”.

  • Jake

    Perhaps you should change the “about state impact” section of your website to reflect the actual mission of this “news” organization- to bash Gov. Corbett and his administration. I see your struggle for relevance continues with this- did WITF really send staff to Vermont to investigate their deed records? Who cares! Krancer is from an extremely wealthy (also very generous philanthropists- of which NPR has been a beneficiary) so his purchase is not surprising.

    • Celia Janosik

      Vermont is a beautiful state with a Fracking BAN, that is the point. NPR tells the truth. Corbett should be in jail.

      • Jake

        There is no mention of the Vermont ban in this article, and that is not what this article is about. The article has nothing to do with the stated purpose of StateImpact. If a ban on fracking is such a good idea, why didn’t Gov. Rendell (from opposing political party) pursue this when he had a Democrat house majority? What should Corbett be in jail for? It’s not like he sent his taxpayer funded staff on a cross-country trip to deliver a motorcycle to a bike rally! (ahem.. Mike Veon)

        • Michele Beckett

          Rendell didn;t have the deceit that this Gov does, I believe it the fracking was put before him he would have asked for moratorium and allowed perhaps the Voters to decide.
          But then I hope you all drink the water because you will be paying for clean water if there will be any…last laugh

          • Maggie Henry

            Not so sure about that…fast Eddie is now working as a lobbyist for the oil and gas industry as does the the good gov before him. You need to see the job Stephen Corbett does on the first head of homeland security!

        • Maggie Henry

          Who are you to determine what this article is about? Or what is relevant to the location of the former secretary of DEP whose job as head of the DEPT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is to “get gas done!” Are we just to believe that it is pure coincidence that Krancer has a home in the only state to ban fracking? You can, if you like, but my mother did NOT raise a stupid child!

    • PoliticsWatcher

      Yet another person who has discovered that reality has a liberal bias, and insists that the press stop using reality as a basis.

  • madashellinpa

    Even he is moving out of the state of PA. because he knows how BAD FRACKING IS.

    • Michele Beckett

      I am warning my family, friends, Bernie Sanders to watch out

  • Celia Janosik

    Bloody liars. Corbett, Krancer do not care about people just themselves. No integrity.

    • KeepTapWaterSafe

      It’s genuinely difficult to believe anyone could forgot to declare a million-dollar ski house, regardless of tax bracket. That would be pretty sloppy business for such a high-powered attorney, right? It certainly calls the Corbett administration’s integrity into question, again.

    • Michele Beckett

      Do not care about animals either

  • Ladderback

    That form is far too difficult to complete for someone who is not a lawyer . . . oh wait, he IS a lawyer.

  • PoliticsWatcher

    So Gov. Corbett considers himself a resident of South Carolina. Let’s insist that he move there for good, and stop meddling with Pennsylvania.

    • Michele Beckett

      Warn the good people now If he is a resident of SC then he should resign..probably collecting welfare there

  • PoliticsWatcher

    “Code of Conduct is not law.”

    Typical Republican. Any behavior that is not explicitly illegal is therefore ethical. Jesus would not agree.

    • poster1a

      “That depends on what the definition of is is” William Jefferson Clinton.

      • PoliticsWatcher

        That was true when Clinton said it, but it doesn’t apply here.

    • Michele Beckett

      Ethics neither of them can spell it no less live up to them.

  • Janet

    Oh no, he didn’t mean to hide it…….he’s just an idiot and didn’t understand what a home or principal residence was……..DUH! yeah! right!

  • Harold E Brown

    Corbett could not do the responsible action as AG, PSU, why should do the right thing now. There should be an independent investigation on his actions. I wonder if some campaign monies where used?

    • Michele Beckett

      Too bad we have nobody with any morals to actually look into things, bet this wasn’t on the News but someone in Walmart having a fart was.

  • william e snyder jr

    Thy just keep getting badder and worse, really tom did not understand the rules, How many death warrants did you sign that you did not understand, How many people did you send to jail because you did not understand, How many bribes have you taken because you did not understand, I mess up on my tax form but was told ignorance is no exuse , Pay the penalty, AS should you, Get out of PA,

    • Maggie Henry

      As long as you are asking questions, how many child sexual abuse cases did you under fund, inadequately investigate, or just plain cover up?

  • Guest

    I like the message but Corbett is no Joe
    Riley and never will be.

    • Michele Beckett

      Corbett is what he is I will not lower myself to his level to call names.

  • Joe Conway

    We voters deserve what we got with Corbett. People were bowled over with the campaign money spent on ads and didn’t do their homework. Democrats were not even close with the guy from Pittsburgh. We need someone with name recognition who can get the job done against big corporate money that can buy elections. Who was the Pittsburgh guy again?

    • Maggie Henry

      His name was Dan Onorato and he was the Allegheny County Exec. Anyone would have been a better choice!

  • Michele Beckett

    I remember the Yacht Vacation…believe it was Gas person….and no one did anything…when I said noone I mean Americans. Lazy Americans….just let it go, I’ll get it later, burp!
    I personally figure between middle east, poison food, fracking, pipeline and most of the East hating us….our time is goin to come. Hope everyone is getting the Rosetta Stone and tanning. Hard choice of which language first.
    Thanks for the heads up Now that RSN is not sending real News, we need some feed.

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