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Obama Administration Releases State-By-State Climate Reports

A day after President Obama unveiled his plans to tackle climate change, the White House has released regional reports, outlining the issue state-by-state.
According to the Obama administration, Pennsylvania’s power plants and industrial facilities released 150 million metric tons of carbon pollution in 2011, which is the annual equivalent of 32 million cars.
The report also cites 13 major disasters that have occurred in Pennsylvania over the past decade, which include recent events like Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Sandy. The state received $9.9 million in federal aid for Sandy relief.
Governor Corbett has criticized Obama’s plan, calling it a war on jobs and coal.
Today Corbett’s re-election campaign sent out an email to supporters, calling the president’s initiative a “devastating attack on our economy.”
“Yesterday President Obama announced his plan to kill jobs and weaken our national security by imposing new regulations on the energy sector, particularly in the coal industry,” wrote Corbett’s campaign manager, Mike Barley.

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