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Federal and State Officials Raid Natural Gas Support Services Company

WNEP-TV reports federal and state officials raided an environmental services company this morning in Milton, Northumberland County.

Minuteman Environmental Services bills itself as an “oil and gas field services” company. It hauls waste and equipment for the natural gas industry.

From WNEP:

The raid at the Minuteman Environmental Services in the Milton Industrial Park began around 9 a.m. Wednesday. Agents removed boxes of evidence from the business.

Agents from the FBI, the attorney general’s office, Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection (DEP), were involved along with some workers from the Milton regional sewer authority. Investigators questioned employees as they arrived in the morning.

It is not clear if the business is in operation. There is no indication as to the nature of the investigation.

“We did have agents there,” FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski tells StateImpact Pennsylvania. “We were assisting in a search.” She declined to elaborate.

Spokesmen for the state attorney general’s office, the DEP and the Milton Regional Sewer Authority all declined to comment. Minuteman Environmental Services also had no comment.

Governor Corbett visited the plant in February 2012, touting the company’s successful evolution from the towing business to Marcellus Shale support services.



  • Ed

    just one more of the hundreds of dishonest gas co., looking to make a quick profit at the cost of Pa. resident. Gas is bad O.K. or are you really that dumb or greedy. This guy was and the same will come to the rest. No more gas, leave Pa. the way you found it. Not another Texas dump.

    • Reality Please

      You realize they “found it” with an existing 350,000 gas and oil wells, and hardly any damage as a result. Compare that to the coal and steel industries that ACTUALLY screwed things up, albeit 100 years ago.

      • The_White_Rabbit

        You do realize that of those 350,000 gas and oil wells, a small proportion of those are Marcellus wells developed with recent fracking and horizonal drilling. At least you are not giving the con job of two million that is not comparable but some give on fracked wells.

        The coal and steel industries have screwed up in the past. Is this some excuse that in this day and age it is fine to allow some problems with gas industry?

  • BrettJ

    The big thing is that there were people from the sewer authority there. Wonder how they found out. May be a complaint was called in under the Patriot Act.

    • The_White_Rabbit

      According to the article it was ex employees. Not PADEP inspections or citizens complaints.

  • Freedom1

    The IRS + Holder will be there next.


    What I was told was that minuteman had a contract with the sewer company to dump hazardous waste from the fracking into our sewer systems. Which goes into our rivers!

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