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New on Youtube: “Facts About Fracking”

We were sent a link to this new youtube video about fracking by Hank Green, of SciShow. In just four minutes, Green explains the big and small picture of fracking, its relationship to global energy supplies, climate change, and potential environmental impacts. Take a look:

SciShow’s Facts About Fracking


  • Alison Rich

    More attention needs to be given to the thousands of truck trips needed, the impossibility of treating fracked water, forest fragmentation and other environmental destruction, radioactivity of fracked gas and water, dangers of venting gas wells and the ignition of gas wells, and the lack of regulation of gas and oil companies in the fracking process. The video is much too easy on fracking.
    Please visit the work of Sandra Steingraber, Tony Ingraffea, Theo Colborn, Bill McKibben. More resources available on request.

    • Hugh Kimball

      All are excellent points. Also I would the fact that the industry has made false claims of safety and that no states have come up with effective regulations or enough good trained people to supervise the drilling in the field. In the meantime EPA is studying the issue for another two years, and the Clean Water and Clean Air exemptions for the gas and oil industries passed by Congress and signed into law in 2005 continue to exist. This, of course, raises the question of why are the exemptions needed if the process of High Volume Horizontal Fracking is so safe.

  • GrandmasThinking

    Big thumbs up for yet another trendy video to keep the conversation going on all kinds of aspects about this fracking thing! (He reminds me of Bill the Science Guy we used to watch ;) It will appeal to a different group of readers I’m sure. Don’t forget to add in: legal questions of leases and liens, insurance, mortgage risks, trucks, toxic storage, health questions and on and on.
    See New Yorkers Against Fracking and

  • mndudester

    The EPA has determined that fracking is totally safe. Russia is the number one exporter of natural gas, I bet dollars to donuts that Russia is financing anti-fracking movement, any takers on this one…..

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