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StateImpact Pennsylvania On “Tell Me More”

StateImpact Pennsylvania’s latest project, BoomTown, examines the cultural and economic affect the Marcellus Shale boom has had on one community, Towanda, Bradford County.

NPR’s Tell Me More focused on BoomTown during Thursday’s show. Click here to listen to Michel Martin’s interview with StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Scott Detrow and NPR’s Jeff Brady.

(And click here to view our multimedia report on Towanda’s drilling boom.)


  • Ladderback

    These stories continue to drive me crazy. Just once I would like to hear reporters separate Fracking from drilling and describe the pros and cons of one without merging into the other. If there was no Fracking in Bradford Co., and drillers sank vertical, unfracked wells in the same number, would the resultant high rents and traffic be easier to take? You have questions related to fracking and you have questions related to a gas boom — they are different questions with different answers, people! Geesh!

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