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Towanda By The Numbers

StateImpact Pennsylvania’s latest project, BoomTown, documents how natural gas drilling has affected Towanda, Bradford County. Click here to watch and listen to the report.


The Figures Behind BoomTown

Bradford County’s natural gas drilling boom began in earnest in 2008, and has grown exponentially every year, until now. 

Explore the facts and figures to see who is–and isn’t–reaping the benefits in Towanda Borough, Bradford County and the surrounding state of Pennsylvania.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

 Figures shown reflect the first year that new wells appear in DEP data.

The Economy

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Revenue


2005: 247
2006: 256
2007: 251
2008: 262
2009: 274
2010: 279

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

The above chart shows six sectors among 19 sectors from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry dataset.

Crime in Bradford County

  • The criminal caseload increased by 40 percent from 2009 to 2011.
  • Bradford County Correctional Center Commitments:

2008: 895
2009: 1,002
2010: 1,065
2011: 1,173

Source: Bradford County District Attorney’s exhibit presented to the Pennsylvania State Senate Law and Justice Committee, June 7, 2012

Towanda’s Traffic Problem

  • The average number of trucks driving along U.S. Highway 6, north of Towanda, each day increased 134 percent from 2007 to 2010, from 634 trucks per day to 1,482.
  • The number of automobile crashes increased by 25 percent between 2007 and 2010, and 152 percent more of those crashes included “heavy trucks.”

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation


  • Gisstur

    Obviously a very mixed picture: Some benefit, some are unaffected, some lose. The town changes. Long-time residents are displaced . . . but those doing the displacing are temporary — as is the impetus behind the change, the gas-fracking boom. Both the workers and the boom eventually move on. The town resumes its sleepy, comfortable ways. But something has been lost. And this time, Towanda, this divorce is, sadly, the end of the last chance.

    • Scott Cannon

      Short terms gains will will cause long term problems, but thats human nature. Take the easy way.

  • The Protector

    thats your response? indifference? Ishould like to think if someone comes into your homes and begins using up all your food and water, damaging your belongings beyond repair that you would kick them out. Maybe you two would like to join some fellow members of the community in #directaction against #naturalgas companies.
    Our mission is to preserve whats left and take back whats been ruined.

    you know, the things you avoid now your children and so on will suffer for.
    One day we will be asked, how did this happen? and what will you tell them..

  • Janise Grubber

    “pool-town” has come a long way, now it’s “Greed-town”

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