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The Energy Jobs Are There…If You've Got The Technical Background

If you’ve got the┬ánecessary┬áqualifications, ┬áthe employment possibilities in western Pennsylvania’s energy sector are pretty broad.
But because so many of these jobs require highly-specific skill sets, companies are having a hard time filling them. ┬áThat’s the┬áconclusion┬áof a new study from two Pittsburgh-area groups, as the Tribune-Review reports:

A recent report conducted the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh highlighted the fact that energy-industry jobs are abundant in the region and will continue to be through 2020 as people retire, move on to different opportunities and new positions are created to meet demand.
The report noted that a talent shortage in skilled laborers and engineers is likely to continue unless more is done to interest people in these jobs and get them properly trained.
…Representatives of 37 local companies surveyed for the report said they plan to hire about 7,000 people in the next eight years. Roughly 2,000 of those will be new positions. Those officials, however, are highly confident they would be able to fill only one in five of those positions.
Other areas nationwide report similar worker shortages in the energy industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the industry has added about 10,000 jobs per month across the country, and shortages are being reported in places such Texas ÔÇö a longtime industry bellwether.

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