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Federal Money Will Build A CNG Fueling Station In Butler County

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

A CNG filling station in Washington County

A federal grant will lead to another compressed natural gas fueling station in western Pennsylvania.
The Butler Transit Authority will receive $2.4 million, as part of a $60 million effort funded through the federal Clean Fuels Grant Program.
There aren’t too many options for filling up natural gas fueled-vehicles right now, as you can see by clicking on StateImpact Pennsylvania’s map of public CNG fueling stations. 
More on the grants from the political blog Above Average Jane:

Butler Transit Authority (BTA), through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, will install infrastructure for a natural gas fueling station to operate compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles at its Intermodal Transit Center. The transition to CNG will help BTA lead the way to clean energy in Butler County, improving air quality and reducing emissions. / $2,400,000
SEPTA will replace buses that have met the end of their useful life with new diesel-electric hybrid buses, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease fuel consumption and save on operating costs. / $3,000,000
River Valley Transit (Williamsport) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Garage Modifications & Fueling Addition / $1,500,000

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