Environmental Group Sues to Stop Compressor Station in Bradford County

  • Susan Phillips

Courtesy of the Clean Air Council

The Greenzweig Compressor Station in Bradford County is operated by Angelina Gathering Company.

The Clean Air Council has appealed a permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to Angelina Gathering Company for a compressor station expansion in Herrick Township, Bradford County. Compressor stations push natural gas through pipelines toward processing plants or the end-user.
In addition to emissions from the compressor station, nearby natural gas operations also create air pollution. The lawsuit, filed with the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board, says the DEP should have aggregated nearby sources of air pollution, which include nine wells that serve the Greenzweig Compressor Station. If the state combined emissions from the nine wells, and the compressor station, more stringent environmental rules would apply. These include greater pollution limits, record keeping, monitoring and public input.
The lawsuit also says state regulators miscalculated emissions, and failed to respond to public comments.

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