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Living With Methane Migration

Michael Leighton of Leroy Township, Bradford County, has been dealing with methane gas seeping into his water well and onto his property for more than two months.

Yesterday, StateImpact Pennsylvania documented Leroy Township’s ongoing methane migration problems, which the Department of Environmental Protection has linked to a Chesapeake Energy well.

What’s it like to live with stray natural gas bubbling into your water well? Leighton gives StateImpact Pennsylvania a tour of some of the devices Chesapeake has installed in his house, to keep gas out and to clean his water:


  • CleanWaterActionPA

    Did he say why he’s still using bottled water? Is he showering or washing clothes with the filtered water of is he just doing nothing with it? 

    • steveeboy

       they drink the bottled water.  despite the filter, it’s hard to trust DEP or Chesapeake when they say everything is fine.  And the filter is only good for methane, I don’t believe it can do a thing when it comes to the toxic soup of the fracking chemicals. should they trust DEP and Chesapeake when they say there is no way any fracking fluids can be in water?   they use the filtered water for showers, dishes and clothes.  Not sure what the horses are drinking.

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