“Truthland” Screened In Harrisburg

“Truthland” – a 35-minute movie financed by the drilling industry and billed as an answer to Josh Fox’s “Gasland” – was shown in Harrisburg last night. The Post-Gazette’s Pipeline has more:

Tuesday evening’s showing drew a tiny crowd in a city that, while lacking in shale itself, has hosted raucous, standing-room-only rallies regarding gas drilling.

A pair in their twenties and an older woman asked several questions, before Ann Pinca interjected with a series of civil but critical queries.

She and her husband, who live in nearby Lebanon County, purchased a slice of remote land in Sullivan County in 2008, just before “Marcellus” began to become a household name.

Pinca said she was disappointed that the documentary didn’t address more of the problems that have occurred, citing anecdotes from drill sites near the couple’s vacation property and statistics about well-casing failures.

“What are we doing for these people who are caught in the crosshairs of this?” she asked.

Roberts, the ex-DEP official, pointed to regulations holding companies accountable for any damage they may cause. And Depue replied that she did visit Dimock, where she drank a glass of water from one of the formerly problematic wells there.

The film will be shown again this afternoon, at the state Capitol.



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