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"A Fracked Photograph"

Mark Graf


A photograph of a rock surface becomes an artist’s abstract rendition of fracking. More from the New York Times:

Graf’s mineralogical abstract here is titled “Fracked.” Here’s part of Graf’s description of what he saw in this photographed rock slice:
I see a horizon, and a giant drilling well going into the Earth. Then below the surface, we have layer upon layer of geological formation, shifts, fault lines, water sources, connections and cracks throughout.
Depending on your views, you may see things becoming a bit of a mess below the surface. Of course red is a very powerful color, and creates one of the main graphical elements here. Red can be symbolic of so many things… death, blood, anger, evil, love, power, prestige, crime, or danger – depending on your cultural background. I think it is poignant how many of those words can be associated with our quest for energy sources.

For more on Graf’s work check out his blog post here.

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