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Vermont Set To Ban Fracking

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Vermont's State House

Vermont is set to become the first state to completely ban hydraulic fracturing within its borders.

Other states – notably Pennsylvania neighbors New York and New Jersey – have enacted  official or de facto moratoriums temporarily halting the practice, but Vermont would be the first state to ban it, if Governor Peter Shumlin signs the bill.

As the AP reports, Vermont isn’t sitting on top of much natural gas, but the legislation goes beyond fracking. According to Platts, the legislation would prohibit out-of-state drillers from disposing fracking fluid, brine and other waste  in Vermont.


  • Mike Knapp

    In other news, Alaska banned cutting down palm trees, Hawaii bans snow shovels, South Dakota has banned all development on ocean front properties, and Pittsburgh city council has banned any bars with a Baltimore Ravens theme. 

  • Michael Kenney

    Clever response, Mike, but the significance of the story goes beyond that. Considering the bonanza that fracking has been sold as. it shouldn’t meet any opposition if it’s as wonderful as proponents claim. Dumping of brine and fracking fluids is significant since the waste has to go somewhere, and Ohio is beginning to acknowledge that the dumping causes earthquakes.  Resistance to fracking may take longer than the early enthusiasm to “get rich quick”, but it will grow as people begin to understand just how destructive it really is.

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