Fractivists to Rally in D.C. Against Drilling

  • Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips / StateImpactPA

Three-year-old Skylar Sowatsky protests drilling at a rally in Butler County.

Activists opposed to natural gas drilling and fracking are planning a large rally in Washington, D.C. at the end of July. A coalition of environmental groups announced their plans today, which they say will draw protestors from 13 different states where fracking occurs, or will occur in the near future.

“[It’s] a call to action to demand an end to putting oil and gas drilling profits ahead of public health, clean water and air and the safety of our communities.”

More than 50 environmental groups have formed an umbrella organization called “Stop the Frack Attack.” ¬†Aside from the Sierra Club, the list of participating organizations are local, some having formed specifically to address fracking concerns in their communities. The growing anti-drilling movement has held rallies before, but they have been targeted regionally. Fractivists did gather last summer to protest at an industry convention in Philadelphia. But this is the first rally in the nation’s capitol that targets the drilling industry.