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SRBC Suspension Slows Talisman Operations

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

A Susquehanna County drilling rig

An update on the  Susquehanna River Basin Commission’s temporary ban on water withdrawals at locations in five counties: at least one natural gas driller is scaling back operations, due to the restrictions.
Drillers, of course, use millions of gallons of water at a time during hydraulic fracturing operations.
According to Reuters, Talisman will slow down operations while the restriction is in place.

Talisman Energy, one of 10 companies operating in a drought-affected area, said it had scaled back drilling — but did not say by how much.
“We scaled back operations until the rains start. We do that every year depending on conditions. It’s expected,” said Diane Gross, a company spokeswoman in Pittsburgh.
Water is an integral part of the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

Other drillers told Reuters they haven’t had to slow down operations yet. Most drilling sites take in water from multiple locations, or store large amounts of fluid in tanks or pools.
A dry winter and spring have the Susquehanna River way below its typical water levels.

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