The Buzz on Waterless Fracking

  • Susan Phillips

Every so often we get an energetic commenter who pastes the same message on more than one story. Nawar Alsaadi has posted this comment about alternative fracking liquids.

“The solu­tion for frack­ing pol­lu­tion is water­less frack­ing; Gas­frac has
done over a 1000 fracks with gelled propane; you don’t need any water;
you don’t pro­duce any waste flu­ids (no need for injec­tion wells); no
need to flare (no CO2 emis­sions); truck traf­fic is cut to a trickle from
900+ trips per well for water frack­ing to 30 with propane fracs; and on
top of that the process increases oil and gas pro­duc­tion; it is a win
for the indus­try, a win for the com­mu­nity and a win for the environment.”

Alsaadi identifies himself as an investor, and a quick google search turns up his article on Gasfrac, which he says could be a game changer for the industry.
A Texas CBS affiliate recently published this piece on Gasfrac.