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Dimock: The Other Side Speaks

With the bulk of the Dimock attention focused on Josh Fox, Mark Ruffalo and the other “fractivists,” it’s worth noting several counter-protestors held an event today, too.

Here’s video of a group calling itself “Enough Is Enough.” Their main point: outsiders are misrepresenting what has happened in the Susquehanna County community.

“Enough Is Enough” spokesman Bill Aileo put out this statement:

“We are proud to live in Dimock. While the anti-gas minority has torn
apart our community, tarnishing its reputation and beauty, and making
our home sound like a waste land, we know what is true. Our water is
clean and our community is ready to get back on its feet, back to the
facts, and back to production. As tests from the Pennsylvania
Department of Environmental Protection have shown time and again,
which was confirmed again last week, our water is safe.”


  • john moyer

    pretty weak pro-gas movement there in Dimmock.

  • Brendan

    This video was posted by Energy In Depth Northeast Marcellus Initiative:

    “…Energy in Depth (EID) is a pro-oil-and-gas drilling industry front group formed by the American Petroleum Institute, the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and dozens of additional industry organizations…”

    “…Energy in Depth is funded by the El Paso Corporation, XTO Energy, Occidental Petroleum, BP, Anadarko, Marathon, EnCana, Chevron, Talisman, Shell, API, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Halliburton, Schlumberger and the Ohio Oil and Gas Association…”

    • Randy

      How can it be a “front group” if it readily admits to being funded by oil and gas companies?

      • Hydratwo

        It doesnt readily admit that Randy.

  • David Meiser

    This video was posted by Energy In Depth Northeast Marcellus Initiative: says it all.  An AstroTurf organization.   

    • Anonymous

      No matter what you think of EID, the group it highlighted in its video is grassroots and consists of more Dimock resident than those who are litigants. Enough Already was initially created to stop the construction of an 8-mile pipeline to bring water from Montrose to Dimock; not because we hate our neighbors, but because it was unnecessary.  Some of the other work of Enough Already is to work with both the O&G companies and politicians to provide appropriate regulation and oversight for the benefit of ALL residents.  It has evolved into Enough is Enough for the reasons I stated above to TX Sharon.

  • TXsharon

    Was that video taken by Energy In Depth? If so, I wonder how many of those people are actually long-time Dimock residents and how many are oil and gas employees. Part of their strategy that was expressed at the Media & Stakeholder Relations Hydraulic Fracturing Initiative 2011 conference where it was made public that the oil and gas industry considers Americans as insurgents and uses PSYOPS in our neighborhoods is to use people with a “self-interest” and their “employees” to counter the “insurgents.”

    Identifying the people in the video might be a good followup story.

    • Anonymous

      Most of those in the video ARE from Dimock or the immediate area.  Did you understand where the water was coming from?  NEW YORK – from those who don’t live in the area and just buy into what the Sautners tell them time and again.  Why?  Because New York wants to continue its moratorium on drilling by continuing its blasphemy of the environmental conditions of Dimock.  We are tired of being its and other anti-drilling groups political pawn and tired of the way our community is portrayed in the media by people who have never even visited our area.  It’s our backyard and our back yard is just fine despite what you and others have been led to believe, thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    One major problem with the samples. One of the comments criticizing this interpretations is that these samples were FILTERED by the laborabory at the request of Cabot before being analyzed. Drinking water samples should NEVER be filtered then compared with drinking water standards. The “total” inorganics (metals) would be significantly decreased and not realistically what the people are drinking. Filtering would also likely eliminate any organics in the sample. While filtering thru a 0.45 micron filter is useful to see what is “dissolved metals” in the sample it is usually accompanied by an unfiltered total analysis that is reflective of what is being used by the resident and what should be commpared against risk standards. If the “filtering” was done as suggested this appears to be a con job.

  • greedfinder


    Crawl back into your accusational hoole…. you are spreading lies and mis-information whenever you beathe in that nice crisp PA air

    • Anonymous

      Show me ONE lie and try to learn to spell while you are at it. Its experience and policy on the issue of how to sample residential locations. It seems like information indicates that Cabot requested the samples to be filtered PRIOR to any analysis. Bottom line is this is not conventional to do with drinking water samples and makes it totally infeasible to compare with any risk values. Cabot dropped the balls if this is correct.§ 250.10. Measurement of regulated substances in media. (a)  For measuring regulated substances in soil and sediments, analyses shall be performed on a dry weight basis.  (b)  For metals in soil, analyses shall be performed on total metals, except for hexavalent and trivalent chromium, which analyses shall be performed individually.  (c)  For groundwater, samples for metals analysis shall be field filtered and field acidified in accordance with the most current version of the Groundwater Monitoring Guidance Manual, Department of Environmental Protection, 3610-BK-DEP1973.  (d)  For groundwater where monitoring is being performed at a drinking water well, samples for metals analysis shall be field acidified and unfiltered in accordance with the most current version of Groundwater Monitoring Guidance Manual, Department of Environmental Protection, 3610-BK-DEP1973.  (e)  For surface water, samples for metals analysis shall be field acidified in accordance with approved EPA analytical methods in §  16.102 (relating to approved EPA analytical methods and detection limits).  (f)  For air, samples and analyses shall be performed in accordance with Chapters 131 and 139 (relating to ambient air quality standards; and sampling and testing).

    • Anonymous

      Still waiting for you to point out the lies and misinformation that you accused me of? You too much of a wimp to back up your statements?

  • Frackman

    Yes the video was posted by EID….  Liken them to the NYT without the BS.  and in that Video is mostly all PA residents from Dimock where enough is enough was formed. many of those peopel are Carter Road and Meshoppen Creek Road Residents all within a few hundred yards in any direction of ground zero as you put it. The real truth and I was there” is that in the parking lot for the pro gas rally right next door to the Sauntners there were 33, cars with only 2 having NY license Plates the rest from PA not Texas, “HOWEVER”  next door at the Sauntners there were only the familys plates and Victoria Switzers from PA. the other 35-45 cars all had NY plates. This is the story !
    NYRAD – Madman Ruffalo – Joshing Fox, have been placating the Sauntners for their own personal agenda to stop the drilling in NY. Once the fight is over and drilling comes, These people who have befriended and USED the Sauntners will dissappear  leaving a void where the Sauntners thought they had friends !  No Media No Ruffalo No fox. I truly feel sorry for this family not for the loss of water cause thats not true, but rather for the death of their 15 minutes of fame… they will be alone in Dimock, people there won’t forget what their actions have cost them and their Beautiful Pristeen Community.

    • Anonymous

      Like to clarify what my lie and information is fracked up man?

  • Big Dan

    The EPA said the water’s OK? Google “Christine Todd Whitman EPA ground zero air quality”.

  • Hydratwo

    EID non biased?

    “The “Energy In Depth” project would not be possible without the early financial commitments of: El Paso Corporation, XTO Energy, Occidental Petroleum, BP, Anadarko, Marathon, EnCana, Chevron, Talisman, Shell, API, IPAA, Halliburton, Schlumberger and the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.”However, none of these major oil and gas companies, or the industry’s largest trade association – the American Petroleum Institute – are acknowledged on the ‘About Us’ page of Energy In Depth’s website.

  • Anonymous


    Still waiting your you to show me the one lie and misconception I posted? Or is it just easier to call people liars from the keyboard rather than face to face?

  • Debbrafisher

    Are you kidding-we have seen first hand the damage and pollution in Dimock.  Do you have your head in the sand-get it out before those unknown chemicals get YOU too!!!


    I doubt many of those that live in Dimock and are apart of Enough is Enough wrote any articles on this website or have anything to do with maintaining it. Just look at who wrote this article.

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