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Dimock: The Other Side Speaks

With the bulk of the Dimock attention focused on Josh Fox, Mark Ruffalo and the other “fractivists,” it’s worth noting several counter-protestors held an event today, too.
Here’s video of a group calling itself “Enough Is Enough.” Their main point: outsiders are misrepresenting what has happened in the Susquehanna County community.

“Enough Is Enough” spokesman Bill Aileo put out this statement:

“We are proud to live in Dimock. While the anti-gas minority has torn
apart our community, tarnishing its reputation and beauty, and making
our home sound like a waste land, we know what is true. Our water is
clean and our community is ready to get back on its feet, back to the
facts, and back to production. As tests from the Pennsylvania
Department of Environmental Protection have shown time and again,
which was confirmed again last week, our water is safe.”

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