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Corbett Still Pushing To Preempt Local Drilling Ordinances

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

Corbett's energy executive, Patrick Henderson

A brief note in this morning’s Pipeline morning links adds an interesting dynamic to behind-the-scenes impact fee negotiations.
The Post-Gazette’s Laura Olson covered an energy forum in Hershey yesterday, which Governor Corbett attended. She writes,

“Gov. Tom Corbett declined to take questions yesterday about the discussion to craft a compromise Marcellus Shale measure, thought his energy executive [Patrick Henderson] said after an event in Hershey that they will continue to make their case about creating a uniform system of regulation across the state.

That means the Corbett Administration hasn’t given up on language “superseding and preempting” all local drilling regulations, despite the fact House lawmakers removed that section from a Republican-sponsored impact fee, before passing it last week.
The amendment was a sign there’s little legislative support for overriding local zoning, but Governor Corbett argues the move would help keep Pennsylvania competitive with Ohio, where more and more drillers are headed.

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