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Range Resources Uses Military “Psy-Ops” to Counter Pennsylvania Drilling Opponents

CNBC obtained tape of several gas drilling executives encouraging military tactics to counter anti-drilling activists and control the message in Pennsylvania. On one segment, Range Resources spokesman Matt Pitzarella says the company has decided to become more involved in Pennsylvania communities.

“…we have several former “psy-ops” folks that work for us here at Range because they’re very comfortable in dealing with localized issues and local governments,” said Pitzarella at an industry conference held in Houston last week.

On tape, Pitzarella is heard saying the military “psy-ops” specialists mostly help write local ordinances. He says they developed their techniques in the Middle East.

Pitzarella tells State Impact Pennsylvania that his comments were taken out of context. He says the employee referenced has a military background, and experience discussing emotionally charged issues. Pitzarella says his main message to conference participants stressed the importance of dialog and transparency.

Matt Carmichael, from Anadarko Petroleum, referred to drilling opponents as “insurgents.” Read the full CNBC article here.


  • Julieann Wozniak

    So what’s next? Are they going to burn down our homes and herd us into torture camps like Abu Ghraib unless we adopt their way of thinking? Coal companies used to employ private armies of armed goons called Coal and Iron Police, largely hired right out of military brigs. Is this more of the same? How about drone strikes? That’s a current tactic.I think Mr. Pitzarella needs a crash course in American Democracy.

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