Exclusive: Impact Fee Vote Delayed

  • Scott Detrow

The Pennsylvania State Senate will not vote on an impact fee bill this week, as initially planned.
Instead, top Democrats and Republicans will continue to hash out the measure’s details behind closed doors, with the goal of introducing a bill in mid-November.
UPDATE: Read a more detailed version of this story here.
In an interview with StateImpact, Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati said legislators have bridged significant gaps on key issues like an impact fee rate, distribution model, and whether or not to impose restrictions on local zoning ordinances, but differences still remain.
Scarnati had called for a final vote by the end of October, but insisted he’d rather “wait a week and get it right.”
Delaying a Senate vote from November 1 to, at earliest, November 14, will make it difficult  to pass a final impact fee measure in 2011.
Check the StateImpact website throughout the day for more details.

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