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Will Dimock Be the New ‘Alamo’ for Fracking Foes?

Scott Detrow / WITF

Filmmaker Josh Fox protests outside Governor Corbett's office in June

Dimock, Pa., residents and supporters are planning an emergency meeting in response to the announcement by the Department of Environmental Protection that Cabot Oil and Gas no longer has to deliver water to residents. From the AP:

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. has been delivering water to homes in the northeast village of Dimock since January of 2009. The Houston-based energy company asked the Department of Environmental Protection for permission to stop the water deliveries by the end of November, saying Dimock’s water is safe to drink.

DEP says Cabot has satisfied all the terms of an agreement reached last year, which promised $4.1 million dollars to affected residents. But not all of those Dimock residents have accepted the settlement and they are still engaged in a lawsuit against the company. Craig Stevens, who lives in nearby Spring Lake Township, sent out an email notice to supporters calling on them to make Dimock “the Alamo” of gas drilling opponents.

“The Only thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men to do Nothing ” Sir Edmund Burke
Are You a Good Man or Woman ? What will You do to Help save Your neighbors in need of protection. Will You Stand With Us in Dimock for this Basic Human Right of Clean Water and Air for Our Citizens ? We are calling Dimock Our ALAMO and as the flag says COME AND TAKE IT , We Will Stand Our Ground !

Stevens says he wants to help plan a large rally in downtown Dimock and invite anti-gas drilling documentarian Josh Fox, and folk singer Pete Seeger.

“These elected officials who say it’s fine, I’d like them to come here and drink a 32-ouncer (of this water) right in front of us,” said Stevens. “Crickets will be chirping.”


  • Anonymous

    As far as Dimock, it IS the unwarranted poster child for New York’s anti drill crowd.  I submit to you the following:

    As New York’s latest edition of the sGEIS was released, the Park Foundation (a NYS organization) paid for a billboard AND t-shirts.  The bulletin board was removed the next day, much to the dislike of the anties.  Over the last two months, two different events have been organized… both by out-of-state organizations.  Yet you heard little to nothing over the last few months – when things are quiet in New York, things are quiet out of Dimock.

    I live near Dimock.  As I’ve explained to people before, there are 600 families, 18 of who were affected within the actual methane migration area, 11 who are in a lawsuit, yet only two or three show up at these events time after time.  Maybe a couple others from around the County itself might make an appearance, but the remainder of those in attendance are usually from New York.

  • smarterthanyou

    Didn’t all the Texans die at the battle of the Alamo after suffering a major defeat? I don’t understand why you would want people on your side of an argument to lose and be executed by the leader of Mexico (or Cabot) under any circumstances. Maybe you should research what you talk about before you speak next time.

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