State Supreme Court May Take Mineral Rights Case

  • Scott Detrow

Here’s more on that Susquehanna County court case that has the (unlikely) potential to upend leases across Pennsylvania.
From the AP’s Marc Levy:

The Supreme Court must decide whether to hear the appeal.
If the courts decide that mineral rights do not cover the gas from the Marcellus Shale, it could upend some of the leases between property owners and the natural gas industry exploring the Marcellus Shale, some lawyers say.
A lot of leases say a lot of different things, especially over the years, and some are more specific than others, Krock said.
The case stems from a dispute between John E. and Mary Josephine Butler and a man named Charles Powers and his heirs.
The deed for the Butler’s 244 acres in Apolacon Township splits “minerals and petroleum oils” between the parties in a land deal that originated in 1881. Natural gas rights were not mentioned, so all of the gas should still belong to the property, the Butlers contend.

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