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Corbett Broadcasts His Impact Fee Plans

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Corbett

Appearing on a Philadelphia radio program this morning,Ā GovernorĀ Corbett provided new details about the comprehensive Marcellus Shale bill his administration is working on.
The measure will likely be introduced within the next few weeks, Corbett told Talk Radio 1210, and will include an impact fee.
The Inquirer has more:

Speaking on what was billed as “the Gov. Tom Corbett radio show” on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia, Corbett said his administration would introduce legislation within a week or two to require an impact fee.

He said the funds would not go into the general state budget, but would be used primarily to compensate communities where drilling is taking place for the damage to their roads and bridges from heavy truck traffic, and other negative impact.
“The primary amount of money – a huge amount of money – will go to the counties; and let the counties work with the municipalities,” Corbett told WPHT host Dom Giordano. “What comes to the state, in my mind, will be used exclusively for the and will be used for environmental cleanup.”

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