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Ohio Hoping To Learn From Pennsylvania's Fracking Mistakes

Our neighbor to the west, Ohio, is ramping up hydraulic fracturing. As the Buckeye State figures out its rules and regulations, its leaders are viewing Pennsylvania as a model. That’s not necessarily flattering, according to this Plain Dealer article.

Environmental concerns related to horizontal fracking have cropped up in different states, particularly in Pennsylvania, where several groups of residents are suing, claming their water wells were contaminated by the process.
In one instance, Pennsylvania environmental regulators have sided with residents, ordering one energy company to provide potable water and gas mitigation to citizens in Dimock whose wells were damaged by drilling.
Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said Ohio can learn from the mistakes in regulation made in Pennsylvania and other states.
“We wouldn’t move forward if we didn’t think this could be done safely and responsibly,” he said. “We have the benefit of getting right what others have gotten wrong.”

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