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Halliburton CEO Has Underling Drink Frack Water

KARIM SAHIB / Getty Images

Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar

As a way to demonstrate the safety of frack fluid, Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar had another Halliburton executive drink it at a recent gas industry conference in Denver. The Associated Press reports that Lesar was touting a new recipe made from food grade additives. But not everyone in the audience was convinced. The A.P. says the Environmental Defense Fund‘s Mark Brownstein saw it as a stunt.

“I also do in some ways think the stunt is very much indicative of the problem the industry has in assuring the public that they are in fact taking public concerns seriously,” Brownstein said. “Because quite honestly, a homeowner in Pennsylvania doesn’t have the option of having an underling drink his water. He has to do it himself.”

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