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PA Lt. Gov. Tells Gas Industry to 'Fight Back'

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley presides over a shale commission meeting.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley says he’s frustrated by all the nay-sayers who he says spread misinformation about the natural gas industry. Cawley said¬†every day he picks up a newspaper, they’re reporting on water contamination, while ignoring the good news — jobs.¬†There’s a “large scale epidemic of ‘they’re gonna affect our aquifers,'” said Cawley. “It doesn’t happen.”
At a panel discussion in Philadelphia on¬†natural gas¬†job development, Cawley said the Marcellus Shale¬†will put to rest the terms “rust belt” and “brain drain” for the Keystone State.
Environmentalists¬†fear the¬†rapid increase in drilling activities in the state will lead to¬†polluted waterways and contaminated drinking water. ¬†But Cawley, speaking to a small number of business people at the Constitution Center Tuesday,¬†compared the effort to¬†promote¬†the benefits of the¬†industry to a political campaign. ¬†“Industry needs to share the good news,” Cawley said. “Fight back.”
Cawley led the Governor’s Marcellus Shale Commission’s work on a recently released report that advises Tom Corbett on how to both encourage and regulate the industry.
Cawley’s three talking points for industry include: thousands of jobs created, hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes paid, and a cheaper, cleaner burning fuel.

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