Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission's Agenda Posted

  • Scott Detrow

Now up on the Department of Environmental Protection’s website: the agenda for tomorrow’s penultimate Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission meeting.
The fun gets underway at 9:30.
Two work groups will present their recommendations before lunch, and two will hold the floor in the afternoon. Public comments are scheduled for 2:30, with “adoption of the final report” slated for 3:00. At previous sessions, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley has held a press availablity post-adjournment. It’s not clear yet whether that will happen tomorrow.
Read the full schedule after the jump.

9:30 AM  Call to Order & Welcome    Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, Chair
9:35 AM  Approval of Minutes (6/17)    Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, Chair
9:40 AM  Economic & Workforce Development    Sec. Alan Walker, Chair    Work Group Recommendations
10:40 AM  Local Impact & Emergency Response   Comm. Jeff Wheeland, Vice Chair     Work Group Recommendations
11:40 AM Lunch
12:30 PM  Infrastructure      Chris Masciantonio, Vice Chair     Work Group Recommendations
1:30 PM  Public Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Sec. Mike Krancer, Chair     Work Group Recommendations
2:30 PM  Public Comment
3:00 PM  Adoption of Final Report
3:30 PM  Adjournment      Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, Chair

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