With Gas Boom Comes Miles of New PA Pipeline

  • Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips / WHYY

The Tennessee Pipeline runs through Wayne County, PA

Gas drilling in Pennsylvania doesn’t stop at the wellhead, it has to get to market. New pipelines are popping up all over the northeastern part of the state to transport Marcellus Shale gas. Thirty-seven miles of pipeline through Susquehanna County, PA, and Broome County, NY, will be built by the Michigan-based Bluestone Gathering. Bluestone is a subsidiary of DTE Energy.
Southwestern Energy Services Company will purchase the gas in an agreement announced Tuesday. The Houston-based Southwestern Energy Services Company has been active in the Fayetteville Shale formation in Arkansas. .
The $250 million dollar project will connect with two major East-West interstate pipelines — the Millenium Pipeline in Broome County, NY and the Tennessee Pipeline in Susquehanna, PA.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission does oversee interstate pipelines. But virtually no regulation exists in Pennsylvania for intrastate pipelines.
A public comment period with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ends on Monday for another north-south pipeline, the Marc 1, that would run through Sullivan County, connecting with the Millenium Pipeline in Bradford County. So far, with few ways to get the gas to consumers, Sullivan County has not experienced the drilling boom of its northern neighbor.
Earth Justice, a New York City environmental law firm wants FERC to do a cumulative environmental impact study of the Marc 1, taking into consideration the growth of pipelines in the region.
Central New York Oil and Gas, a subsidiary of Kansas City based Inergy L.P., has applied for permits to build the 39-mile Marc 1 pipeline.
Stateimpact PA’s Scott Detrow spoke to upstate County Commissioners on Wednesday who are getting increasingly frustrated with the proliferation of new pipelines.
For a map of gas pipelines across the northeast, check out the Energy Information Agency.

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