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StateImpact Oklahoma on OETA: Private Prison, Public Policy

Logan Layden sat down with our partners over at OETA to discuss the North Fork private prison in Sayre with host Dick Pryor. North Fork provides hundreds of jobs for the small city, which also receives money from the prison’s owner, Corrections Corporation of America. North Fork houses only inmates from California, and officials there say they’re bringing [...]

Rural Oklahoma Town Faces Uncertainty As California Inmates Head Home


The North Fork Correctional Facility in Oklahoma is filled with more than 2,000 inmates, all from California. And that’s brought an economic boost to the small town of Sayre. But California is reducing its prison population and recently announced plans to bring its inmates back home. Local business owner Lori Herring moved to Sayre five [...]

The Public Costs of a Private Prison Riot in Oklahoma


When California ran out of space to house its growing inmate population, it turned to Corrections Corporation of America, which owns private prisons in 16 states, including Oklahoma. Now there are more than 2,000 Californians locked up at the North Fork Correctional Facility in Sayre. The arrangement wasn’t supposed to cost Oklahoma anything, but a [...]

Private OK Prison Losing California Inmates, 400 Jobs Might be Affected

All of the inmates currently at the North Fork Correctional facility in Sayre, Okla. will be gone by the end of next year. Why? Because California’s prison overcrowding problem isn’t as bad as it used to be. Corrections Corporation of America, which runs the private facility, told Elk City’s KECO radio it’s too early to tell [...]

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