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Jack Hughes / McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

Lt. Gen. James Pillsbury removes the rear casing plate of a bomb at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

Oklahoma’s three Air Force bases and two Army installations collectively employ more than 69,000 with a total payroll of more than $3 billion in FY 2010.

That’s about 5 percent of all wage and salary disbursements in Oklahoma, according to an economic analysis by the Department of Commerce.

Tinker Air Force Base
Total employees: 26,296
Average annual wage: $55,000

Fort Sill
Total employees: 33,756
Average annual wage: $35,500

Altus Air Force Base
Total employees: 4,181
Average annual wage: $45,400

Vance Air Force Base
Total employees: 2,699
Average annual wage: $49,100

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
Total employees: 1,758
Average annual wage: $53,200

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