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Twister Truths: Can Nothing Survive an EF5 Tornado?

The skeleton of a home on Lakeview Drive in Moore, which was ravaged by the May 20, 2013 tornado.

This is part two in our Twister Truths series where we use data to kick the tires on the conventional wisdom underlying severe weather policy in Oklahoma. Read part one here.  Despite the risk that comes with living in Tornado Alley, many Oklahomans are reluctant to build tornado shelters. And state and local building codes [...]

Moore Officials Delay Vote on Upgrading Building Codes for Tornadoes

The Moore City Council on Tuesday delayed a vote on an ordinance that would strengthen construction standards to help reduce damage from tornadoes. The measure would modify the city’s residential building code by “adding requirements for bolting and fasteners to the foundation, top plate, bottom plate, doors and windows, and truss to wall connections,” according [...]

Oklahoma’s Building Codes Don’t Factor for Tornadoes

Tim Marshall, a metrologist and civil engineer, stands near a water tank in a tornado-ravaged Moore neighborhood. The tank fell from the sky after being carried a half-mile, Marshall says.

The “Oklahoma Standard” is a phrase that describes how this state responds in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, like the tornado that ripped through Moore on May 20. But that resiliency isn’t reflected in Oklahoma’s construction standards, which don’t factor for tornadoes.

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