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Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner’s Advice: Buy Earthquake Coverage

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak

State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak

A week after the U.S. Geological Survey warned of increased earthquake risk in central Oklahoma, possibly because of oil and gas activity, state Insurance Commissioner John Doak is urging Oklahomans to buy earthquake insurance.

Most homeowners and renters policies don’t cover earthquake damage, which can cost $100-$150 a year, the The Oklahoman‘s Brianna Bailey reports:

“With an average 40 earthquakes per year, we feel very strongly that this is something we need to be talking about in Oklahoma,” Doak said.

Oklahoma’s earthquakes are expected to continue and don’t appear to be naturally occurring, federal seismologist Bill Leith wrote in in the USGS alert. The federal agency is collaborating with the state Geological Survey to study the possibility that the quakes were triggered by disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry, which research by other geophysicists has indicated is likely.

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  • PhiKapMom

    In CA, earthquake insurance had a $10,000 deductible when we lived there but cannot get an answer out of insurance commissioner office about a deductible here in OK. After the huge rise in homeowners insurance he allowed the other year, I tend not to trust anything the man says. How many of his friends are selling earthquake insurance. Resent having to buy anything because of tracking.

    • Lemons

      Mine has a $3,000 deductible but I am sure that is subject to how close to the area you live.

      You know what is sad? I am old enough to remember when insurance covered everything. you didn’t have to have a policy for every little thing that could go wrong. So it is disappointing to pay so much more for so much less.

  • Gary Overton

    I can’t find a single insurance company that offers earthquake insurance in the state of Oklahoma…any suggestions?

    • Lemons

      Farmers Insurance does. I got a policy a few months ago. Robin May 918-283-4980. Now, if you live close to the quake area they might be saying that because they don’t want to insure you and just don’t want to admit it.

      • Gary Overton

        Admit it ? WTF? Anywho…I found an insurance company in Missouri that would provide earthquake coverage for me, but the deductible was 10% of the insured amount of the home, which would have made my deductible over 40,000.00. I decided to keep looking, but thank you for all your kind words….(cough cough..)

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