Oklahoma’s Cushing Oil Hub Illustrated

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

This illustration by Businessweek shows the pipeline pathways in and out of the crude oil storage hub at Cushing. Fields of tanks are fed by an 11-state pipeline network that stretches from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

It’s hard to wrap your head around the oil hub in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Much of the pipeline infrastructure is underground, and what is visible is as expansive as it is unrevealing: Hulking, featureless cylinders in fenced-off fields. Thick steel obscures valuable oil storage and transport data, forcing traders to spy on the vast tankscape with satellites, sensors and infrared cameras.

It might be impossible to know exactly how much crude is in those tanks at any given moment. Even a good estimate could be worth millions.

But it’s a little easier to find out who can move the crude in and out of Cushing, and where it’s coming from. And the graphic gurus over at Businessesweek have assembled an elegant schematic of the major pathways to and from Cushing.

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  • John Brashear

    Let those of you who are anti Oil and Coal ….turn off your lights, sell your cars, stop mowing your lawns and go live in a cave, because thats where you’ll be if you destroy these industries with your incessant fear mongering and thoughts Green Energy will either support your lifestyle or even come close…..

  • Deb Ann

    Evidently you don’t live in Cushing, John. Just had a 4.5 magnitude quake today w over 6, so far, aftershocks, some over 3.5. So yes, this needs to stop. Just look at the map at the top of this page, it shows all the different pipelines under and around the CITY. The injection wells & fracking are wrecking Cushing. Much less putting every Man, Woman & Child in imminent danger. Just imagine, if possible, the catastrophe to them/us when, not if, they rupture or one or more tanks rupture & catches fire. Hell our own city managers won’t even tell us if or what the Emergency plan is when this happens. Now imagine it happening to YOUR town/city or one YOUR loved ones live in. PS: I am not anti oil or coal. Just anti injection wells & fracking around Cushing

    • http://stateimpact.npr.org/oklahoma Joe Wertz

      Deb! Any chance you’d want to share your perspectives with me for an upcoming story? I’ll be up that way in the next few days, and I’d love to swing by and get your thoughts!

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