Results of AA Contract Vote Expected Today, Layoffs in Tulsa Either Way

  • Joe Wertz

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

American Airlines mechanics and stores clerks have been deciding on a new labor contract. Voting ended at midnight, and results are expected midday today.

But layoffs could start in several months, whether or not the contract is adopted, the Tulsa World‘s John Stancavage reports.

In Tulsa, American employs about 5,000 mechanics and related positions and 512 stock clerks. If the mechanics ratify their contract, about 770 jobs will be cut locally, according to data provided by the company. If the clerks approve their deal, 90 jobs would be lost.

If the contracts are not approved, 2,100 maintenance workers and 160 stock clerks will likely lose their jobs, the paper reports.

The bankrupt airline is required to give 60 days notice before the layoffs, which wouldn’t start until the company had worked through seniority rules, the World reports.