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Why the Largest Maker of Portable Gas Cans is Going Out of Business

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Blitz USA is based in Miami, Okla., and is the largest manufacturer of portable gas cans in the country.

The company, founded as U.S. Metal Container, started by selling olive-drab “jerry cans” to the U.S. military. The green cans were later painted red and shipped to non-military retailers, and in 1992 the company changed its name because most of its products were no longer metal — they’re now plastic.

Those red plastic fuel containers are ubiquitous, especially during the summer, when landscaping crews are out in full force.

But Blitz has filed for bankruptcy and will shut its doors at the end of the month. Why? Because it can no longer afford product liability insurance, Marketplace’s Sally Herships reports.

Deductibles for product liability insurance are often in the tens of millions of dollars, an expert in product liability law tells Marketplace. The rates go up even more if you have to use it, and Blitz is currently fighting 42 lawsuits.

Most of lawsuits against Blitz were brought by the same three lawyers, Marketplace reports.

Consumers have accused the company of making faulty cans that explode when used to pour gasoline onto fires.

Blitz says its cans carry warnings that say you should never use gasoline to start or accelerate a fire.

Even winning is expensive. Blitz beat one lawsuit in Texas, Marketplace reports, but the fight still cost the company about $2.5 million.

“We have been operating under extremely litigious environment and have been working toward a solution for quite some time,” the company’s president, Rocky Flick, and its director or product development, Grant Kernman, wrote in a 2011 letter to its customers. “The defense costs related to increased litigation associated with fuel containment products is the primary factor that leads to our current situation.”

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  • Stelonous

    Stupid people using lawyers to deflect their stupidity.

    • md

      and they are winning cause of stupid judges with a political agenda

    • Matthew Whited

      to be fair most class action suits dont actually have a class of people that brought the claim forward. the claims are made by ambulance chasers them people are paid (or duped) to sign the petition.

  • Joe

    Gee, and the average citizens put LAWYER as the least respected of professionals. How many lives have these mostly ‘scum bags’ ruined while trying to squeeze money out of decent people.

    • Next time some idiot T-Bones your car while “texting,” call a pastry chef.

      • Aww John must be an ambulance chaser.

      • D

        driving and text one thing taken a can of gas pouring it on a fire then blame the company that makes that can because you set your self one fire just stupid

        • Colin

          Driving and texting is MORE stupid than pouring gasoline on a fire. Gas on a fire endangers you, texting while driving endangers many others.

          You can kill yourself, I don’t care. But don’t endanger others. Texting while driving should equal one year in jail, first offense.

  • If the government doesn’t put you out of business through over regulation, the lawyers will with liability suites. When both happen, shut the doors and go home……..if you still have one.

  • guest

    There is no cure for stupidity. It is like ugly: it is to the bone & forever. The only salvation is for people who pour gas on an open fire is for it to kill them & thereby weeding out the gene pool.

    • Cameron

      Sure there is fire & gas, fixes stupid, maybe we can convince the lawyers there is money in the gas can but they have to pour it into the fire to get it!

  • guest2

    Well, I say if they are going out of business because of idiots, then take the warning off of the can and let people start fires with gasoline cans. I would imagine that lawyers like these who represent idiots will be the first to die.

  • Arnoldfudpucker

    John Edwards

  • Ap

    There are gas cans made with devices on the nozzle which do not allow fuel to be poured into anything other than a hole in a tank of appropriate size. They are a pain to use and have hazards of their own. No product is perfect.
    I wondered as a child why a criminal is entitled to a free defense attorney but a defendant in a lawsuit is not. If we require that a plaintiff’s attorney put up one dollar for the defense for every dollar spent on the prosecution, and eliminate out of court settlement, we would greatly curtail frivolous lawsuits. We also must sanction attorneys who file large numbers of frivolous suits.

    • SCJustice1991

      Please tell that to the families of the victims, in these lawsuits, that are now over half of a million dollars in debt, as a result of the sheer act of laziness from this company. That debt is acquired from the hospital bills alone and does not include future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of companionship, or even worse the loss of a spouse, sibling, or CHILD! Spare the minuscule amount of intelligence that you do have until you have done your research, seen photographs of a victim’s dead body, the burned skin, visual organs, or the doctors scraping away the topical layer of skin with a razor blade. I’m certain that there are less intelligent topics of conversation that you can input your ignorance in.

      Furthermore, if you want to belittle those who build a career in helping individuals received justice, I hope you have the complete understanding of how the legal system actually works.

      This gas can was a DEFECTIVE product and I’m not sure if you are aware of what causes of action are necessary to pursue a products liability suit, but the number one cause is negligence!

      From a consumer’s standpoint, if you are buying a product, you would assume that all components of this product are present and assembled correctly. However, because a company wants to be CHEAP and not put a screen (which costs less than 25 cents per gas can) in the spout, the gas can blows up and the consumer becomes severely injured, permanently disfigured, or dies.

      And you’re telling me that the attorneys are taking money away from decent people?

      • spare the religion

        Wait . . . you’re defending some idiot who poured gas on a fire? And what pathetic parent allows their child to pour gasoline on a fire? You are obviously invested in this and probably work at a plaintiffs’ firm (probably based on your title) or had your family member injured by stupidity. Runs in the family. That is not a fuel cans intended purpose, and any idiot knows it. The .25 per can screen isn’t all that’s necessary to protect fools. Then there will have to be additional warnings, then handles because the fool can hurt his back or drop the can, then a different type of lid from keeping the idiot from spilling when it’s stored upside down . . . and it goes on. Now, are you complaining of defective design, manufacturing or marketing? You are mixing theories in your response.

      • ChuckFinley

        Thank you for demonstrating how a trial lawyer works. First get rid of anybody capable of dispassionate reasoning from the jury by peremptory challenges, then slather on the emotion and images of the horrifying results of your plaintiff’s stupidity.

        We need and end to joint and severable liability and we need loser pays laws in order to slow down the lawsuit lottery industry that is driving industry and jobs out of the United States.

        Here is what is going to happen with the destruction of the last gasoline container manufacturer in the United States: Cheaper and less safe gasoline containers will be manufactured in China. They will be imported by cut outs, fronts and shell companies which will be effectively immune from lawsuits because they will have no substantial assets that can be taken. The Russian Mafia are particularly skilled at this sort of thing. Finally, they will be sold by street vendors and bodegas because they do not have enough assets to be worth suing.

        In the end the winners are China and the shady but sophisticated importers who bring in the new gas cans while the losers are the workers who’s jobs have been lost and the American people who have lost yet another part of their infrastructure while their tax dollars go to pay unemployment to the ex-employees of Blitz. The lawyers, having killed this particular host, will move on to infect and kill another functioning piece of America.

      • Another dog shit lawyer.

      • John Jay

        Its simply NOT the product manufacturers fault dimwit! Some moron literally pours gas on a fire, burns, and looks to blame that act of stupidity on someone else? Fuck off sheister. Youre duplicitous in the dumbing down of a once great nation. You outta burn with your client chump.

      • Dumbass

        The defective part was the one that poured gas on an open fire.What kind of idiot does that?

      • In the know

        yes, negligence by the user, and then these vulture lawyers waiting for some to be of low enough intelligence to think that their dumb act of gas + open fire = no problem, they made me do it.

      • Steve Nichols

        You must be a lawyer.

      • Paul T Brantner

        Really?? you are a special kind of stupid….. pouring gas on a fire….. and the gas can is to blame……….

      • Nick Nichols

        that is Lawer drivel for my client is a IDIOT and I’m gonna get millions for me ! Judges should have the leeway to just throw out such cases and throw the lawer in jail on the road gang ! even when I was a kid in the 50’s I knew better than to pour gas on a fire out of a can or otherwise ! the Idiots would cut the screen out so it would pour better and then sue cause the screen should have been knife proof ! yes your taking money from the people that are gonna have to pay $50 for a industrial gas can because some IDIOT can’t read the label that GAS EXTREMELY FLAMABLE KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAME the IDIOT your representing probably didn’t even have spout on the can when both of his brain cells desided it would be a good idea to pour GASOLINE EXTREMELY FLAMABLE KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES on a fire and what about all the people employed by Blitz directly and indirectly that are going out of work because your trying to make yourself a fortune representing A IDIOT !

      • Mumbly Peg

        “Please tell that to the families of the victims, in these lawsuits, that are now over half of a million dollars in debt”

        Because they were STUPID enough to pour gasoline on a damned fire, that’s why.You people are despicable.

  • Dennis Gilber43t

    How can a jury not see through this charade? 12 jurors were blind?

    • Doug

      You didn’t read the article very carefully.

      “Even winning is expensive. Blitz beat one lawsuit in Texas, Marketplace reports, but the fight still cost the company about $2.5 million.”

      • In the know

        Yes, and with that the plaintiffs and their lawyers should be made to pay the defendants litigation costs.

  • C_prowse2001

    they suck. anyone who has used the original Wedco cans knows what a good can is. Any experienced overlander won’t even consider a Blitz.

    • Vash The Stampede

      I have some blitz cans with Wedco lids on them. I like blitz cans because of the double handle top & side. And the fact that I can get between 5 8/10ths to 6 gallons in filled completely full. How ever I don’t like the fact that they are to thin and swell up to easily. The shape of the can makes the easy to fall over. The old 5 gallon Gott cans did bot have this much problems.

  • Just another reason to go off shore, and do note attorney’s who go after Blitz favor one party over the other in politics.. who is working hard to drive American business off shore?

  • soreass

    you can try make things idiot proof but the just keep making better idiots!
    government, lawyers, judges, cops, you all have the same in common..

  • the plaintiff of the lawsuit should pay the 2.5 mil in legal fees

  • AZToad

    In an effort to see a way to understand these law suits, I just can’t get passed the simplicity of GAS + FIRE = VERY BAD ! Obviously accidents can happen, and they can bring catastrophic results. But still, we usually associate user error as just that …. error. Not being crass or uncaring, just honest. Below, SCJustice1991 does a nice rant about everything but the actual cause of these ‘accidents’ … USER ERROR ! To say a simple screen were the fix, and would have avoided these ‘accidents’ is like saying GAS + FIRE = Sure, go ahead …. no problem. My heart goes out to anyone that has a mishap of whatever kind end in tragedy. But at some point …. our actions are our own, should we choose to ignore posted warnings, common sense and simple science, we do so at our own risk.

    • FatgunED

      I just can;t get past – not passed

      • 1twothree4

        Can’t, not can;t.

        • SteveO

          Your sentence lacks a verb.

  • Are you sure it’s just lawsuits and not also the fact that petrol is so much more expensive than it used to be? I don’t doubt that the company is negatively impacted by litigation, but this smells of focussing on a single tree while the forest burns.

  • stings

    Did your product cause harm to the user? I know a company which makes matches and have zero lawsuits! Don’t blame others for your poor design.

  • Hang all lawyers yesterday. Start over.

  • Tom

    A “Blitz” plastic gas container is made to transport flammable gasoline. The container NEVER burned anyone – the gasoline causes the damage(s). Another example of “Attorney Greed” who have never made a single product better ! ! ! ! !

  • aintthispeachy

    I was just going to contact the company because I live in a hurricane prone area and fill up 7 5 gallon containers before the season starts. When it gets hot these containers all start squeezing fuel out the top of the containers,… A lot of fuel!!!! It is a pathetic designed can and they are the most popular can in the world. If you screw the cap on wrong once it is permanently damaged. They should all be thrown in jail for such a hazard.

    • Dewzee1


  • Marsha

    How stupid does one have to be, not to know that of course the plastic can will explode…duh…that’s like starting a BBQ fire with charcoal, and then squirting charcoal lighter fluid on the coals…dump, dump…stupiditiy!

  • Jim

    I have four of these cans. i used only one. followed directions to the letter and it still leaked gas! Not a safe product.

    • In the know

      then you must be from ‘the other side’. I have 4- 5gal and 4-2gal cans and the only problems I have had is loosing the yellow cap that goes on the end of the spout

      • Vash the Stampede

        half inch pvc pipe caps non threaded. fit some of the cans with the slip on yellow plastic caps. I have a blitz can with a nonflexible black spout & that is what I used after I lost mine. The cans are to thin and swell up so much in sunlight that they become rounded and will fall over. Especially on a long drive home. I tie my cans up so they will not blow out when empty or turn over when full. The blue kerosene cans seem a little bit heaver built. The old Gott cans did not have this problem.

  • Panors77

    And of course NOW my plastic Blitz cans’ white plastic spout tube has torn in two and I can’t find another one at any local stores. Thanks EPA?? PHEH!

  • Anonimous

    Would this happened with tin cans, made from “more expensive” metal? Aren´t users supposed to expect plastic cans to keep the same specifications as conventional tin cans when these were replaced in the market? Aren´t any state or federal regulations to protect consumers for this to happen?

  • HB

    I was just going to contact the company about a new gas can that split just under the top handle. I guess, I am too late.

  • Dave Randall

    Leech vulture lawyers

  • BubbaT

    Lawyers are the scum of the Earth. Blood sucking, greedy rats that should all be strung up and used as Pinatas. What most of DC is comprised of.
    Who wins regardless who loses….the lawyer. See a pattern here?

  • KC

    This topic is over 2 years old as I type but this important.

    I have been through dozens of Bltiz gas cans and have 5 outside now, 2 are finally splitting at the seams from the Phoenix summer heat but I can still buy them at my local auto parts store and will get a couple replacements soon.

    Liquid gasoline is not flammable, it’s the gasoline vapor that is flammable and the whole problem with handling gasoline.
    Gas vaporizes pretty easy as the temperature rises, and it expands, that is why your car fuel system has a vapor recapture system for the gas tank.

    A gas can that won’t leak means it is air-tight, and as the temperature rises the fumes expand and cause internal pressure.
    All of my Blitz gas cans have the warnings as part of the side panel material so it can’t fall off like a sticker for people that have no idea what gas is.

    Having a gas can anywhere near a fire, even a closed BBQ is stupid, you are heating it up making explosive vapors.

    That in mind, how stupid was it to approach a fire and think the liquid gas would make it somewhere before vaporizing in the heat and igniting?

  • biffula

    Not to mention those no spill nozzles they made right before the end absolutely sucked.

  • svfoxhotmail

    Wow, just found this story…..3 lawyers constantly sueing.

  • Lao Zoot
  • Parmenter

    Those government-designed gas cans don’t work right, anyway.

  • Weedy

    So all you whiners are blaming lawyers and judges instead of blaming a company that made and sold inferior products?…



  • Eddie Coyle

    until we have tort reform, we will continuously make rich men out of parasites, and poor men out of those that create, build, manufacture, or service.

  • GreatNorthern

    This is one reason so many companies are going out of business or moving their companies (and jobs) offshore. The “nanny state” of the US Gov’t and all it’s regulating agencies as well as money hungry trial lawyers ready to sue anybody over anything for a 40% cut of the take is responsible. China, India, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia appreciate all the jobs the USA is sending their way. America is going down the tubes.

  • Peter

    They should be going under! Did u ever try to fill your car with a spout that won’t reach or flow? What a rip off !

    • jonesa01

      it won’t flow because of *other* US regulations, banning Vents on cas cans…sorry, you can’t blame them for following the rules!

  • Jonathan Sell

    I just googled “Blitz gas can” with the hope of buying more. These cans work great and you can’t buy a decent gas can anymore. I gather the company was blamed when idiots took their open gas cans up to fires and — surprise — the can blows up. Seriously? In the military you’re trained never to allow any open gas can within 50 feet of a source of ignition. Sources of ignition include open flames, running engines, cigarettes, and anything that can generate a spark (light switch, etc.). Sigh.

  • bee

    imo, More than likely the cans are/were safe if not used with today’s gas/ethanol which is crap and destructive to just about everything it touches.

    Thank You 0bama/Feds for making us use crap gas which will hasten the destruction of our gasoline engines both big and small.

    In 1987 for example when GM started using in tank pumps “trucks” the connecting hose would last many years now if you don’t use gasoline submersible hose rated “SAE 30R10” which cost up to $20 a foot you are just wasting your time because anything else will melt.

    imo This is our Govt way of forcing all the older cars off the road kinda like Japan does “because of their anti pollution drive” to it’s Citizens who’s cars usually fail emissions test long before they are truly worn out .


  • Randy

    These are crap gas cans slobbered all over my boat poured at least a full pint on ground took forever to empty, yet no empty probably a quart left, I am happy company going out of business, and understand basis of lawsuits. I think these are EPA approved as well, no surprise there either.


  • SoCalBohpGal

    When lawyers were put in charge of our industry, when Strollers are required to have warning labels to “not fold them with your baby inside”, then ” not fold them with ANY baby inside”, and common sense is thrown out the window, it destroys industry, and puts Americans out of work AND became a matter of national security.
    Over the last 30 or so years, I’ve seen more stupidity, more companies shut down after ridiculous labeling, after even more ridiculous lawsuits, and products removed from the market altogether.
    Many, such as really good chemistry sets, car seats, air bags in cars, Jarts (lawn darts – especially the REALLY great, thick brass ones), and now gas cans?
    I saw these ridiculous laws start putting people out of work in the late 1970s, early 1980s, the same time the Middle East had their last crisis, and when we last saw a migration, “Refugees”, then threats to America (I actually saw those in the 1960s 1st, when the people coming over here swore they’d” Take over America”, and that’s exactly what seems to be going on now.)
    When people rely on government regulations to “keep them safe”, giving up common sense & freedoms to supposedly” keep them “safe”, they lose both their freedoms AND their safety! I think it was Benjamin Franklin or perhaps it was Thomas Jefferson… Which ever signer of the Constitution said it… Something about those who give up freedoms for safety will wind up having neither…
    Government’s job is NOT to ” Keep US Safe” at all! That is your own responsibility, the community’s in the form of juries, to get & keep criminals off the streets!
    Governments are formed to govern, to serve the people… NOT to supposedly “Keep people safe” from their own stupidity to the point that they become as helpless as infants!!!
    Who’s ridiculous idea was it to allow ANY lawsuit against a company that makes plastic containers that DO make transferring of gas safer than using glass bottles, rusted cans, etc.???
    If gas stations still had people manning the stations, pumping gas (like we used to), then station employees could require proper & safer gas cans to be used to transport gasoline, only pumping gas into gas containers!
    Yes, people back then did use all sorts of containers to fill with gas for the car, the lawn mower, the edger, other 2-stroke engines, and other uses. People learned what was safer, and thus started using better materials, only gas cans, and yet more people started doing ridiculous things with gasoline!
    Why in the world would ANYONE dump gasoline onto a bar-b-q or a campfire??? THEN, WHY would ANYONE expect the container manufacturer to be held responsible for people who don’t use their brain, and dump gas from a gas can into an already burning fire?? THEN hold the gas can manufacturer responsible for those who have little to no common sense, and misuse the gasoline (that BTW, They had no part in the manufacturing of the accelerant that was the item in which said person misused, and thus caused the hazard to begin with!!??!!)
    And because this person wasn’t using a shred of common sense??!!??
    Lawsuits such as these need to STOP!
    There’s NO reason that such a lawsuit should have been allowed into ANY courtroom to begin with! Every judge in the US should toss cases like these and charge both the plaintiff AND the attorneys who file such garbage lawsuits for the company’s legal fees (& stress fir filing such BS)! Attornies should be disbarred, charged for the companies legal fees and the person(s) filing such suits should be ordered to see mental health professionals to see if they are competent to live in society, and perhaps institutionalized for being incompetent (as far as living in society!)
    There will be (& I’m sure there still are) teens & young adults out there that know full well they really shouldn’t do things like this, &;will try it anyhow.
    YET, most people take responsibility for their actions & don’t sue others because they didn’t use good judgement!
    What message does this sort of thing send to our youth!?!
    Irresponsibility has lead to SO many laws, costs US taxpayers Trillions of dollars EVERY YEAR, and now we’ll have gas cans made in China, with few, if any, warning labels, and because they are outside the US, even if they do add a warning to idiots (perhaps they need a “DO NOT DRINK”, ” DON’T USE GASOLINE AS SUNTAN LOTION”, “DON’T PUT UP YOUR SISTER’S NOSE” & the labels go on & on & on!!!
    China has often very poor quality control, and the gas cans we get from there may be made of plastics that become thin, brittle, may be dissolved by gas, oil, and/or other solvents and so on!
    Yes! They may be made of recycled plastics, but this may also decrease the integrity of the gas can itself!
    If a container made for a hazardous material fails while using it for its intended purpose, THEN there should be, at the least, an investigation, although proper use & inspection of the item, age, etc. should be considered!
    A 20-year-old gascan with an “O-Ring” failure should be the owner’s task to check it (an owner should check it even on a new can anyhow!), yet if the O-ring is made of a material that dissolves in gasoline, then yes, because the manufacturer sold an item used for a specific purpose & it fails, THEN one has to look at the circumstances!
    It used to be that in such a case, a phone number was on products to give feedback, and people used to simply call if they had a problem, the problem was corrected, the company replaced the defective item, and there were no lawsuits!
    People bought products from companies that made a quality product, thus a gas can lasting 20+ years (often longer!)
    We used to have competition between companies! Consumer product reviews had more meaning then than it does now, I believe. Sure, feedback is VERY helpful when buying just about anything! Some products more than others, yet you usually had a FAR better selection of products back then! Not any more. Instead, we now have a lot of babies that cannot go to the toilet without a lawyer, some literally!
    We need to help these adult babies learn some common sense, put an end to these ridiculous and dangerous lawsuits, not allow lawsuits of this sort by ANYONE, and NOT allow ANY product liability lawsuits to anyone but natural born citizens (both parents born here in the US, person born in the US & no travels to outside the US, especially not to ANY countries that are not our allies!)
    This crap is costing Americans jobs, security, money & our pocketbooks are being drained & have been pilfered for many years! This has to stop!
    How many Chinese companies are held accountable for even the worst product defects, even when they have caused death… Say for example the death of pets, for example???
    Even when pet food caused thousands of deaths in cats & dogs, the company responsible for the contamination was a Chinese company that supplies the pet food packaging company in Canada with some apparently supposed to be soy filler, but was something else, unfortunately fatal to dogs & cats.
    How many people were compensated for their pet’s vet bills? Their pet’s deaths? )Few to none! Try using a Chinese company from the US!)
    There are many reputable companies in China, many who are not, so buyer beware! This is why domestic manufacturers are SO important!!!
    Yes! Items we buy should be EXACTLY what it says on the label! Nothing more, nothing less!
    Companies should have LOCAL competition! When we have companies that make the same thing, people will buy the less expensive product that has the best quality! Plain and simple!
    Using common sense, some will only need a product for a short time, and buy a cheaper quality product because they will not need it as much, and the cheaper price & quality are acceptable! The consumers must at least be expected to use common sense! Sometimes a product that doesn’t last as long, is cheaper quality, allows younger people with less money to get the same job done, perhaps with a little more hassle, but can be a product or tool that a high school or college student can get by using for now to get started in their own business, until they can afford better quality tools for instance!

    We need to get rid of these business-killing lawsuits once & for all!

    Additionally, ANY naturalized citizen caught using the legal system in order to file a frivolous lawsuit should loose their citizenship, and be deported!

    FAR to many people who aren’t even citizens, come to the US, file lawsuits against US factories, frivolous lawsuits, then take off with the money, and we ALL wind up paying for it in job loss, in production loss, in GDP loss, and the list of costs goes on…

    How many foreign country’s manufacturers have frivilous lawsuits filed & are put out of business as a result of lawsuits filed by natural US citizens? (I’m guessing the scales are tipped FAR, FAR off the charts against US citizens, and I don’t have to guess! I’ve seen MANY companies put out, just like this one, as a result of foreigners filing these BS, frivelous lawsuits!
    CAIR & similar organizations organized to use our legal system AGAINST US citizens, businesses, etc. many years ago. These people are at war with US, and US citizens need to wake up… The sooner the better! If we don’t wake up as a country, we’ll wake up fairly soon, and we won’t have a country!

    Additionally, these same “groups” have infiltrated our infrastructure jobs in large cities, have “hired their own”, recruited others, and force US citizens out of these jobs!!! We’re in trouble… FAR worse than many people realize!

    Look at the names & people in your local big city who are in charge of say… Water! Power! Wastewater! You won’t like what you see if you like our country! We’ve had people from S. America & the Middle East infiltrating our infrastructure for MANY years… The surge started in the late 1960s from S. America & Mexico on the west coast. Since around 1979, those from the Muslim Brotherhood organized & started a very well coordinated, slow Trojan Horse attack. Now we even see children of a few of these people jumping the gun and attacking US citizens. Many if these people hate America, and yet aren’t aware of the cult status of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    *Note: There’s a difference between the ” Brotherhood ” and normal Muslims, YET many who aren’t radicalized WILL sit and watch as those who are kill others… It’s not OK, and just like in the 1980s, we need to deport a whole lotta people!

    Wake up America, vote for TrumpPence16, don’t accept these types of lawsuits if you are on a jury! These are frivelous lawsuits against America!
    #MAGA & stop this kind of garbage from destroying our country!

  • Fred54

    They shouldn’t have wasted their time defending the lawsuits. They should have made themselves judgment proof and ignored the lawsuits. First create a holding company in China. Then sell 100% of the controlling interest of the US based assets to the holding company in the form of a note. This will also allow all corporate funds to be held in a Hong Kong bank. HK banks respond to Chinese court orders, not US court orders. So any seizure orders from a US court would not be executed. Next create a holding company in Iceland. The holding company hires all the US employees as contractors and leases them to the Chinese holding company to work at the US based facility. So since the US based assets, the factory etc are leveraged by a dept instrument they are off limits to any US court judgement. Since all the cash and cash equivalents are held in HK they are protected from any US court seizure. Since the US based owners are technically only contractors working for the Iceland holding company they have no responsibility or liability for anything done with the products. So basically they can continue in business and ignore any US based lawsuits. The lawyers and any US court, state or federal can go pound sand. At some point should a US court order the factory closed they just move the manufacturing to China. Be a whole cheaper than screwing around with lawsuit after lawsuit.

  • Jones Burelli

    I don’t think you can make it safer

  • bluff bunny

    So there goes yet ANOTHER American business, and loss of AMERICAN jobs …..so we will be forced to import far inferior products from some foreign country where U.S. lawyers cannot sue…..
    great progress, there!

  • steve

    I have used your products for years and have found them to be very high quality and very safe when used properly. It’s to bad a bunch of stupid people and greedy lawyers have to ruin a good company and a good product for the rest of us. Maybe there should be a common sense IQ test to buy a gas can.

  • Russ Bishop

    They lost the lawsuits because they refused to install vapor arrestors in the nozzle that prevents a flame from entering the van and causing an explosion. Their engineers were ordered to destroy documents related to this hazard. The new owners didn’t want to pay to retool the machines to make the slightly modified nozzles. It was purely a money-saving move.

    This is not about idiots pouring gas on fires. That’s the story the media pushes but it just isn’t true. this is about Blitz saving $0.10/can and a few million in retooling costs.

    • jonesa01

      I’m sorry, but flame arrestors or not, if you pour gas on a fire, the resulting vapour cloud will burn anyway and maybe even melt the flame-arrested can thereby setting fire to it anyway. You can *try* to blame your 10 cent flame arrestor, but if you are so pathetically stupid as to think that pouring gasoline onto a flame is a good idea, maybe the world would actually be the better for your imminent burning alive.

  • Lawabiding

    Lawyers have become hazardous to our well being causing business billions to goof proof the world !

  • David Steiner

    What do you have to say to people like me? My 2.5 gal. gas can just exploded for no reason. It was set in the middle of my yard while I was cutting the grass and for no reason it just EXPLODED!!! What do you have to say about that?

  • Bruce L. Johnson

    Good riddance. Blitz gas cans are absolute pieces of crap. They leak. They stink. They pour slowly, and are flimsy beyond all comprehension. Spend a little more and get a NATO gas can. They are much safer and work properly.

    • charlie

      You must be a lawyer.

  • charlie

    And they made Great cans with a handle on the back and top so that they were easier to handle safely.

  • Justin M Kohutiak

    and now every gas can sucks wad! more gas on the ground, my hands, and side of car

  • Travis Winscher

    Maybe when everyone gets their license it should be required that they have a little 101 on gas cans as part of the test, then there would be no excuse to sue anybody cause everyone would have a grip on how to treat a gas can.

  • dave

    Our politicians ARE lawyers . . . . . .

  • My Name

    Another case of people wanting someone else to save them from themselves. All of those people that sued this company and put all those workers out the door would best serve society as Landfill.

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