Oklahoma’s 10 Fastest-Growing Industries

  • Joe Wertz

viucsr / Flickr

StateImpact has been gazing into the future for hints of what Oklahoma’s economy might look like.

We already know that many of the fastest-growing occupations of Oklahoma’s future are health care-related, estimates from the Oklahoma Employment Security Office show.

And looking at industry-by-industry growth — a pattern is starting to emerge.

The single fastest-growing industry is specialty trade contractors, a subsector that includes plumbers, concrete pourers, electricians and heating and air-conditioning technicians.

But health care and social assistance will likely be Oklahoma’s fastest growing “major industry” groups, according to commission data. More than 39,000 jobs in those industries will be added between 2008 and 2018, data show.


Fastest‐Growing Industries 2008‐2018

Rank Industry Subsector Expected Growth 2008 Employment
1 Specialty trade contractors 31.2% 46,990
2 Health and personal care stores 30.6% 11,190
3 Building and garden equipment/supplies dealers 30.4% 15,280
4 Hospitals 27.4% 68,170
5 Professional, scientific and technical services 26.2% 65,010
6 Ambulatory health care services 25.0% 65,690
7 Financial investments and related activities 21.8% 4,710
8 Transportation support services 21.2% 6,080
9 Social assistance 21.2% 25,430
10 Other information services 19.1% 640

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission