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Hobby Lobby’s New Minimum Wage is $13 Per Hour

Paul Ingles / Flickr

Hobby Lobby is raising the minimum wage of its full-time workers to $13 per hour. Part-time workers will see their pay increase to $9 per hour.

The increase will affect more than 15,300 employees at 500 stores in 41 states, the Associated Press reports. The national minimum is $7.25 per hour.

Last year, the Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts giant raised its minimum full-time wage to $12 per hour.

The company says it’s the fourth year in the row that it’s offered pay increases to workers. CEO and founder David Green says Hobby Lobby workers are key to the company’s success and that they deserve to be rewarded for their work.

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  • Chattyc

    awesome to be appreciated by the big guy

    • sara

      I can entitlement all over some of these comments……. they own a co. That has to pay thousands of employees plus power n light etc etc etc. Thank God its a wage that can make a difference. They could be paying min.wage n peopke woukd still go for jobs there. No one owes u anything!!!!! I think its fantastic. Theres general laborers making 8 n busting their butts n breaking down their bodies.

  • MrM

    That’s honestly great for the full-timers. However, I’m a professional who creates brands and helps sell products for the company, and I only make 75 cents more per hour than the checkout girls. As much as I think that would be a great job, I can’t help but wonder if they’ve found a number that “works” for them to both make the insane profit they’ve been making and keep employees and potential employees interested in working for Hob Lob while ensuring nobody rises up and unionizes.

    I have to work freelance to make ends meet, owning my own home and that payment making up 45% of my Hob Lob salary. I was doing quite well before coming to work for the company, but had to work full time due to freelance work shortage. I am beginning to feel like I’m stuck in the boat with everybody else. I was making $12.00/hour when I got my very first temp job in graphic design in 2005 and am making less than that when you account for inflation even though I have more than five years’ experience in the field. They don’t pay for talent, they pay for profit.

    So while Hobby Lobby is raising minimum wage for “full-time workers” it just puts the nail in my coffin that I’ll be underappreciated and be adding to a cog that is their ever profit-making wheel.

  • guest

    well is it really a raise when they cut out any overtime and have a 35 – 40 hour mandatory work week and increase the amount of work expected?

    • joewertz

      Do you work there, Guest?

      • deni

        I work there

        • deni

          deni@5656@yahoo.com it is a GREAT place to work for!!!

  • Suzan Zissler

    I agree, if you are not happy with the work load given you at Hobby Lobby you
    can go work for less at 7.25 an hour. Doing the same thing :) Be
    happy…. because you have a JOB <3 Imagine all businesses raising their minimum wage to $9.00 part-time and $13.00 for full time… would definitely be A MIRACLE FOR THE PEOPLE <3

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