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Slot Machine Payouts in Oklahoma: No Minimum, No Public Reports

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Riverwind Casino in Norman, Okla.

Most states with casino gambling either mandate minimum slot machine returns or require the release of public information on payouts.

That’s not the case in Oklahoma and at least eight other states.

Oklahoma is among nine states without minimum payouts or any requirement that public reports be issued on casino payouts, reports the Tulsa World’s Wayne Greene.

Creek and Osage tribal officials did not respond to requests for payout data. A spokeswoman for the Cherokee Nation said the data was proprietary and wouldn’t be released.

Oklahoma’s casinos are all run by tribes, with rules established by gaming compacts. Casino revenues in Oklahoma could be leveling off, we reported earlier this month.

Requiring payout statistics was never considered in Oklahoma, former state Treasurer Scott Meacham, who negotiated Oklahoma’s compacts as an aide to former Gov. Brad Henry, told the Tulsa paper.

“Quite frankly, we felt, with as many tribal casinos as we had in Oklahoma, the market would force them into competitive payouts on their machines,” Meacham said.

Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, told the paper that competition does more to drive better casino payouts than state regulations.

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  • Marcus

    I think you will find ALL Indian casinos in Tulsa and areas around Tulsa the payout is much less than anywhere in the nation!

    • john

      I think you are right!I think Oklahoma Casinos are putting the shaft to the public

      • T

        Oklahoma Indian Casinos are ripe with corruption they send in there accomplices at prearranged times to hit big jackpots so they can backdoor the money so if percentages were available they would be wrong.
        Stay away from Newcastke Casino the GMs brother in law cleans the machines out on a regular basis and if you try to play near him they shut off all chance of winning until you leave
        That’s right they can and do control the machines even during play

  • john

    We need to stop spending our money there and make them operate legally

  • SD

    The feds need to start regulating this indian casinos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Letting the casinos be ruled by healthy competition is not working.

  • GC

    Vote with your wallet and stop going to the casinos. Most of them operate without risk since they only run slot machines and can control the payout. They didn’t build them to give away money.

  • mike

    This is very true don’t go to the Texas Kickapoo casino the payout rate is horrible at 70 percent payback as opposed to the oklahomas 90 percent payback

  • DJ

    When the casinos were voted NO. By the citizens of Oklahoma, what gives the Indians rights to operate a so called casino with no verification of payouts and or percentages of a possible win. When it was voted NO by Oklahoma, What laws do we as American U.S. citizens Indians have to follow do we get to say one doesn’t apply to me today or what. Any. Answers or response greatly appreciated

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